Automated Connectivity & Outreach

Widens your network and runs successful outreach campaigns to make connections come rolling in.


Let's Build a Healthy Sales Funnel

LinkedCamp automated connectivity and outreach tool has features to bring you a steady stream of connections and new business opportunities.

Makes Hundreds Of Connections Daily

If you want to enhance your outreach, start using LinkedCamp today because this is exactly what it was built for.

LinkedCamp is the best tool for automated connectivity and outreach. It is automatically visits prospects profiles, follows their LinkedIn activity, and sends them connection requests that will eventually enhance your conversion rate. 

Profile Auto Visitor

Everything starts with visiting profiles. Viewing more profiles helps to find the relevant prospects.

LinkedCamp automatically visits profiles, track their LinkedIn activities. When you visit their profiles, they get notified and visit your profile back, thus initiating the process of relationship building.

Profile Auto Follower

The tool visits profiles that match your requirements and starts following them to personalize your feed. 

LinkedCamp makes it easier and simple for you to follow thousands of prospects quickly. By following the right prospects, it helps you build a larger audience base. 

Auto Endorsements

Endorse and get endorsements in return. LinkedCamp does everything for you! It automatically endorses up to 3 skills of your contacts.

When the tool endorses skills of your connections, you will see that up to 30% of your connections will endorse your skills back, thus enhancing the reliability of your profile.

Make new connections

LinkedIn is all about network building. So make connections with maximum prospects and widen your network using the most reliable and efficient automation tool.

LinkedCamp sends connection requests and upon accepting, it sends personalized messages such as ‘thank you’ to initiate better relationships with prospects.

Discover new opportunities

LinkedCamp sends personalized messages and if they show interest, you can start a conversation manually.

With LinkedCamp fueling the fire, sit back, and watch new business opportunities coming your way.