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Social Selling on LinkedIn: What Is It & Why You Should Care

social Selling on LinkedIn

Social Selling on LinkedIn: What Is It & Why You Should Care

Have you ever used any social selling automation tools on social media platforms to build a wide network, make connections, or to sell your product or services?

In the modern digital world, people especially business owners are more focused on meaningful engagement and “selling” as it used to be in the past like cold pitching and door-to-door marketing have become old. Businesses are looking for new and effective ways of engagement. 

People use a number of social media platforms, mostly to make friends and for communication purposes. However, marketers and salespersons use these platforms for prospecting and lead generation.

However, out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most important one. If you are on a hunt to find new customers, the answer is resounding ” LinkedIn.” Yes. It is true because almost 80% of the B2B sales come from LinkedIn.  It is by far the best platform to use social selling automation tools and software to generate leads.

Now you must be thinking about what exactly is social selling and how someone can use social selling automation tools on LinkedIn to boost engagement in almost all circumstances? Keep reading to understand social selling and how the latest social selling automation tools are effective for businesses.

What is Social Selling?

Social Selling on LinkedIn refers to leveraging social selling automation tools to find, connect, engage with the right prospects and build trusted relationships and ultimately, achieve your business objectives. This sales technique elevates your prospecting efforts and builds a strong lead generation funnel without the need for cold calling. Building a wide network and strong relationships is easier on a network that you and your clients trust.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you’re already engaged in the basics of social selling, even if you have never used the platform for performing business-related activities. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Social Selling Automation Tools

Today, businesses are much more fortunate as they can connect with prospects all around the world with the single touch of a button. Some of you might not care about using social selling automation tools on LinkedIn. However, the fact is that there is one big 500-pound gorilla for a reason to care about social selling on LinkedIn.

Almost 78% of them are involved in outselling and using the best social selling automation tools on these platforms. Here are a few reasons why businesses must embrace social selling if they want to grow. 

  1. Social Selling Automation Tools Let You Build Strong Relationships

Let’s be honest: cold emailing and cold calling is becoming obsolete because prospects don’t like this approach. They often get irritated and never respond to you and honestly, it’s not very effective either. 90% of business professionals don’t even have time to respond to such calls and emails. 

However, using social media platforms such as LinkedIn to focus on conversations and prospects relevant to your industry is 100% effective and beneficial. It enables markets and salespersons to identify new prospects, so you can reach out to them and connect & engage when the time is right!

According to CSO Insights and Seismic surveys, two in three B2B professionals have admitted that free social selling automation tools have proved to be effective for prospecting and lead generation. Almost 40% of them have admitted that Social Selling automation tools have genuinely reduced the time they spend finding relevant contacts.

Better yet, building a wide and meaningful social network enables you to seek out new sales prospects through existing mutual connections. This creates a sense of trust which is incredibly important for both salespersons and customers. This is why using the latest social selling automation tools is one great way to build trusted relationships and hit the right prospects.

  1. Your Customers Are Already Involved in Social Buying

Do you know what social buying is? Just flip the concept of social selling. As a salesperson, you make efforts to find prospects to sell your products or services. Likewise, your customers are searching for trusted vendors to buy the relevant product or service. According to researchers, 55% of B2B marketers get in touch with each other through social buying and B2B social selling automation tools. 

If you are not active on LinkedIn or not using the platform to its full potential, you will not show up in their social selling automation tools purchase search results; that a lot of potential customers to lose. So, if you are hesitant to using LinkedIn social selling automation tools and think that people won’t show interest, the good news is that: almost 76% of the buyers are ready to have a conversation and immediately get in touch with you!

Why Social Selling Automation Tools Are More Effective?

Social media prospecting is just one method that we are using effectively to generate leads. According to LinkedIn 2016 social survey report, more than 75% of the marketers and salespersons are using social media for relationship building. 

Why is it so effective? It is a great method to find relevant prospects and generate leads. Moreover, LinkedIn social selling automation tools are best for B2B professionals and marketers as they help you connect with the people in your own field. 

Among all platforms, LinkedIn is the most perfect source to base your social selling on because it’s a business networking platform. It has a number of features to share data/information, demonstrate users’ authority, and engage in meaningful relations. It’s such a powerful platform that it is not going anywhere so the connection you make today will stick around for almost a lifetime. 

Social Selling Automation Tools- The Best Way to Generate Leads

Social selling automation tools on LinkedIn are all about building a wide network, establishing credibility and rapport, and connecting with the right prospect at the right time. However, connecting with thousands of prospects is certainly a hectic and time-consuming task. To make prospecting easier and simple, you can use a number of social selling automation tools 2020 to incorporate in your prospecting work so you focus more on the primary activities and take full advantage of existing relationships. 


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