Automation is impacting every industry and marketing is no different. Some people hear the word automation and the first thing that comes into their id is a robot – of course, the reality is much more than that. Automation is not specifically about robots and machines but many other useful marketing automation tools. The latest marketing automation tools are software used for simplifying manual processes and performing complex tasks more efficiently.

What Is a Marketing Automation Tool?

At a fundamental level, a marketing automation tool is software that is used to automate business processes, marketing tasks, and measure workflows. These tools enhance operational efficiency, minimize resources spent, save a lot of time, and boost revenue for both small and big businesses.

Based on the latest surveys by the State of Marketing, 56% of the companies prefer Marketing automation tools whilst various new businesses are planning to integrate the latest marketing automation tools into their business processes.

Why Marketing Automation Tools are Important for Businesses?

Automation has a huge impact on businesses these days. The best marketing automation tools are used to generate leads, drive conversions, and ultimately close more sales and earn more revenue. Furthermore, marketing automation tools 2020 are far more useful than just automating processes. These tools are playing a much more important role by streamlining marketing processes and performing complicated and tedious tasks more effectively.

Marketing automation tools have quickly become an essential component of the latest marketing strategies. The tools can reduce marketing overhead by 12.4% and boost sales productivity by 15%. This is because these tools help to widen your networks, connect with the right prospects, and generate more leads. These tools have made it easier to reach out to your customers, that’s why marketers are implementing cross-platform campaigns.

Ways Marketing Automation Tools Can Boost Business Productivity

  1. Saves a lot of Time

By using advanced marketing automation tools, businesses can save a lot of time. As a business owner or a sales marketing team, you’d already have so much on your plate. Spending hours performing repetitive tasks manually will take a lot of time ad energy; 6-8 hours a week on social posting alone. That’s a lot! You can utilize this time to focus on core business tasks and do other productive things.


Here are some amazing takeaways from using these tools:

  • You can boost the efficiency of repetitive tasks by 250% by automating your business processes
  • You can automate and schedule your social media and saves many hours
  • Setting and scheduling meetings and other secondary tasks can save 80% of the time.


Marketing automation tools can free up a lot of time so you can concentrate more on other core business activities. It’s all about “set it and forget it.”

  1. Goes Beyond CRM

CRM is more like a sales tool that stores information about prospects and customers. However, marketing automation tools take this beyond storing data and bring together the sales functionality of CRM. A good automation tool that can handle both sales and marketing communication in one single tool.

This means both sales and marketing teams can work together to improve growth targets and ROI. Moreover, you’ll enjoy viewing the marketing and sales activities of all your contacts in one place. Without integration, you’ll need to upload all the data from the CRM database which drains time and energy. You may also miss out on good opportunities if you accidentally mistype anything.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

With the best marketing automation tools, you can create personalized campaigns. These tools are designed to send personalized messages, so you don’t get spammed. This is especially useful when you have to send personalized messages to thousands of prospects but don’t have time to write again and again.

Campaigns run by marketing automation tools could be focused on specific customer data so you can use it to provide a more personalized user experience. The marketing automation tools can keep a track of customers’ activity so you know where their preferences lie.

  1. Provide Personalization

Recent marketing surveys have shown that personalized messages and emails are 60% more likely to get a response, however, there are many brands that don’t take advantage of it.

With an amazing marketing automation tool, you can personalize each message (like including the recipient’s name, job type, industry type, location, etc.). Including these elements will add more personal touch and it will look like the message as sent particularly to that customer or prospect.

And when your prospects will get a personalized message or email that directly addresses them, they are more likely to open it and interact with you.

  1. More Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

A study by GitHub has shown that the free marketing automation tool enhances lead nurturing and helps businesses to close more deals.

If your business requires leads to make sales, the latest marketing automation lead generation tools are a necessity for you. These tools can help you to find leads even in the farthest part of the world, giving you an opportunity to spread your business all over the globe.

  1. Maximize Campaign Efficiency

It’s a proven fact that marketing automation tools are best when you want to drive engagements. Businesses often fail to keep prospects engaged and they start fading away in the wind. However, with marketing automation tools 2020, you engage and re-engage prospects to keep in touch with them.

You can use marketing automation software to differentiate your audience and do smart segmentation to get better results. Surveys have shown that segmented campaigns enjoy a 45% better open rate and help to generate more leads in less time. 


If you are serious about growing your online presence, and generate more leads for better business opportunities, marketing automation tools 2020 are what you need. A marketing automation tool like LinkedCamp can run multiple campaigns, provide key metrics, generate leads, and amplify all your marketing efforts in an optimized way that would otherwise be expensive and time-consuming if performed manually.