Most people join LinkedIn because they want to reach out to more audiences, others just want to show their professional profile whereas some just want to generate leads. Most of the time, people use LinkedIn Automation for Messaging & Outreach for B2B lead generation.

Do you use LinkedIn as a major source for searching prospects for B2B lead generation?

If you don’t already, now is your time. Although social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram have much better reach and bigger audience, they are ideal for B2C leads only. So far, LinkedIn is known to be the best and number one platform with the greatest number of b2b marketers. This makes LinkedIn the best platform for lead generation, B2B outreach, and the highest B2B conversion rate. According to recent research, 79% of the B2B marketers use LinkedIn only as their lead generation source.
In short, without LinkedIn, you will be only tapping a small market for lead generation. LinkedIn on the other hand will open floodgates for B2B leads.
Now that most people know it already, they are now switching to LinkedIn. Most business profiles are meant for lead generation only. Since LinkedIn is a reliable source, users usually end up searching for the business on LinkedIn rather than using Google or other search engines.
However, this has created a different kind of problem. With more information about LinkedIn and its method of working, more people are joining, and this has led to crowding and malpractices. To deal with this issue, LinkedIn has introduced quality checks and a few updates to help the users make the most out of their LinkedIn without spamming other users.

This has also led to a completely new planning and strategy designing process that was almost unknown before. Companies are now looking for professionals who can help them generate more leads through LinkedIn. However, the tech industry has offered a simple and reliable solution for all the issues that were once connected to linked B2B lead generation.

Now, you can buy a LinkedIn automation tool that will also work as lead generation software.

Easy solution, right?

Well, not exactly.

There are LinkedIn automation tools in the market that can be detected by LinkedIn for spamming as well. This is where you will need some knowledge about the features of LinkedIn automation tools so you can choose the best B2B lead generation software for your business.
From simple data scraping tools to detailed campaign running tools, we will help you to know why you need them for your business and how they can help you with messaging, outreach, generating more leads, and bringing more sales.

Why Message & Outreach Campaigns Are Vital for Leads?

If you have made it here, this means you know what an outreach campaign is. However, if you don’t know, let’s help you out with a brief explanation. An outreach campaign means you will be connecting to people through messages. However, the people you try to connect will be based on your business model, product, and services you offer.

Your connection should define your industry so try to reach out to influential individuals within the industry, big brands, and customers. To make it possible to filter prospects is the first step. With the use of the LinkedIn search engine, you can search for anyone according to your interests.

To take it up a notch, you can use sales navigator LinkedIn which will help you narrow down your prospects and reach out to the best possible profiles for collaboration. There are several filters available to help you narrow down your prospects according to location, active status, designation, expertise, etc.

Now that you have searched and connected to the people in your domain, you are ready to start the outreach campaign.
With an outreach campaign, you will be sending messages to help raise brand awareness for your business. Apart from this, these outreach campaigns help with the lead generation, promotion of the services and products.

Moreover, it will help bloggers generate more backlinks, extract data, shortlist prospects, help with collaboration as well as help you retain customers. Overall, right from interacting with people to building relationships and then leading them towards a business deal closing, everything depends on your outreach campaigns.

How To Design an Outreach Campaign for Best Sales Results?

Now that you know about the importance of outreach and message campaigns for sales and lead generation, it is time for you to know how you can make the most out of your outreach campaign. Most people after joining LinkedIn for B2B sales realize the importance of message campaigns and so they embark upon the journey of outreach and message campaigns. However, in just a few months they realize that it is not working out for them.

What can go wrong?

Well, you can not blindly run an outreach campaign. You need to optimize your campaign to make the most out of it and the best automation tools in the market offer you that. This is the reason newbies trying their hand on the campaign fail miserably. They use boring templates that are already available in the market and customize it a little so they can use it for their campaign.


No one is interested in reading the same boring messages from different people. Eventually, your message will be buried into a deep pile of unread messages. Most people think that since they are not successful, this might not be a good option for business.
Before giving up, learn how you can make your outreach campaigns successful.

Here are some simple steps to follow.

Use The Right Audience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool

To reach the right audience you need to start by extracting the prospects that meet your brand requirements. The best tool for this purpose is LinkedIn sales navigator. You can simply add the designation of the person you are looking for. Then add more filters so you can narrow down your prospect list according to location, educational background, experience, and other details.
This prospect list will work as a base for your message and outreach campaign. Without this list, your outreach campaign will be just like shouting in the void.

Now, you can further narrow down this list by analyzing the personality of the prospects. You can do it manually by opening all the profiles and looking at their activity and how they behave, or you can use an automation tool for that as well.

Analyze The Personality Through Crystal

Now that you have your prospect list and you are ready to assess the details, you can use the crystal automation tool for profile filtration and assessment. Crystal helps with the personality portfolio. This tool helps in filtering out people who are more likely to reply to your message and who will be interested in your product. This will further help you in increasing the chance of success so you can maximize the gain. This is a simple tool that can reduce your overall effort by half. This tool will help you to analyze if the person in question has all the suitable characteristics to help you scale your project.

Use The Best Prospects to Design Automation Campaign Via LinkedCamp

Finally, we have come to the last and most important step of the process. Now that you have your golden prospect list, you can simply use this list for running your campaign and LinkedCamp will help you with that. Start by using your list and upload it on LinkedCamp. Now, design the campaign flow and then design a message that you will be sending out. Most people either use a simple template that they can find online, or they look for templates available in the tool.

However, the best practice is to add some visual aid to make the overall campaign much more effective. Linkedcamp offers a third-party software integration Hyperise that will help you with the visual aid. You can generate simple gifs according to your brand image or you can add a few punch lines to get the attention.

Finally, it’s time to launch the campaign but do not forget to add details regarding active time for the campaign, date, and day.
Once you have launched the campaign, it’s time to wait and you will see the results.


To sum it all up, it is not about the effectiveness of the campaign but the effectiveness of the campaign design.
Most people follow simple tips that almost everyone knows already. However, the only thing that will make you stand out is the use of the right marketing content. Most people shoot messages that are not related to their profession, as a result, they fail miserably.
With the use of good automation tools, the right prospects list, and an attention-grabbing message, you will be able to make the most out of your campaign without any setbacks. These tools will help you save time, money, and effort by allowing you to design campaign patterns that you can save for later or just run a campaign as you need to with a few simple steps.