Lead generation is the main focus of any business that’s interested in driving a consistent flow of ROI.

They use a number of techniques, B2B lead generation strategies, and tools to generate maximum leads. One way or the other, it is important to have a well-defined process in place and many marketers fail at this stage.

Many B2B marketers think of lead generation as a number game. However, the truth is that it’s all about quality, not just quantity.

Thus, successful B2B lead generation is all about focusing on quality leads.

Among many social media platforms that are great for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn comes on the top. There are plenty of ways to find the best B2B leads on this platform.

In this guide, we will dig into LinkedIn lead generation, its benefits for the businesses, and some strategies to fully leverage the potential of this platform.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Place for B2B Lead Generation? 

LinkedIn is your ultimate way to open up the floodgate of leads, hands down.

Since its launch in 2003, it’s grown from a teeny professional network to an enormous professional platform with a 760 million+ user base. Well, that’s huge.

A marketing survey done across the globe has shown that B2B businesses prefer LinkedIn over other social media platforms to generate qualified leads.

It’s because, unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a user base that’s all about business. No other platform is even close to scalable and accurate professional targeting as LinkedIn does.

Here are some stats to support this claim:

  • 89% of the B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the best tool for lead generation
  • It’s 300% more useful B2B leads as compared to Facebook
  • LinkedIn is solely responsible for 80% of the total B2B traffic
  • 4 out of 5 users are involved decision making

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, you don’t need a very high budget to run ads or campaigns. All you need is some useful strategies and some best LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedCamp (we’ll come to that later on) to put your B2B lead generation on the path to success.

Why Are Businesses Turning Their Shifts to LinkedIn?

No doubt there are many other social media platforms that businesses use for lead generation, but LinkedIn is simply unrivaled when it comes to professional networking.

There was a time when marketers and businesses used traditional marketing techniques such as cold messages, cold outreach options, advertisements, etc. But the truth is that these methods don’t work anymore.

Today, the success of any business depends on a potential customer base and supplier base. LinkedIn can offer both.

The Buyer’s Journey Has Changed…

Over time, the buyer’s journey has changed and so is the B2B marketing techniques and methods. Your prospects no longer respond to templated emails and messages. They don’t like to respond to cold calls convincing them to buy some random items or get any service. Such tactics don’t just work anymore.

Today, your customer has thousands of options ahead and you need to take steps to establish your reputation and increase brand awareness to get maximum visibility. You need social selling practices to get in front of your customers and develop strong relationships with them before you start selling to them.

LinkedIn: The Ultimate B2B Partner of Businesses 

Here are a few reasons why LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B lead generation companies:

  1. A Dedicated Social Media Platform

As we mentioned above, LinkedIn is not a social entertainment site, but a professional network.

Here you can target specific professionals based on their industry, job type, skills, experience, location, interests, and many more. Using this platform, you’ll have access to:

Data: You can access CEOs, decision marketers, potential clients, and marketers and filter them out using specific keywords. You can collect their personal details and run a personalized campaign using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

  1. Highly Précised Targeting 

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it offers filters to help you build a stronger network of relevant prospects.

To target the right audience, you first need to decide who is your target audience and what are your business goals and objectives.

Once done, you can then integrate a LinkedIn automation tool to extract the right audience. When it comes to successful prospecting, we recommend using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is a tool introduced by LinkedIn itself to find prospects with high precision. It not only finds the right prospects but also recommends leads and saves search lists for later use.

  1. Higher Conversion Rate as Compared to Other Methods

With LinkedIn lead generation, you can get amazing results with left, effort, time, and money. With LinkedIn generation, you can get a higher conversion rate as compared to Google ads. Even if you decide to invest a little amount of money in the best lead generation tool, it’s worth it. By using the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can find and convert leads faster.

Using LinkedIn lead generation is a much more rewarding and cost-effective method as compared to running LinkedIn ads or using any other traditional methods.

  1. The Ultimate Choice of B2B Marketers

According to B2B marketing surveys, 94% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn to distribute their personalized content. Why? Because it helps them establish a great repute and access new leads very easily. So, if the most successful B2B marketers are taking advantage of this platform, why not you?

  1. Lots of Relevant Contexts 

People who use LinkedIn for B2B marketing have the advantage of useful content. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where people go to see what’s going on in politics and what are their random classmates and friends doing in their lives, LinkedIn provides pure professional content.

How to use LinkedIn Lead Generation to Grow Business: Strategies That Really Work in 2022

Here we have compiled some of the best strategies that worked for our LinkedIn lead generation, and you can take advantage of these too.

  1. Make Quality Connections… Lots of Them

You might have heard it so many times to make connections on LinkedIn. But a lot of people seem to think of it as a number game.

You might also be using a LinkedIn automation tool to make a lot of connections in a short time. However, you must know those irrelevant connections won’t cut you anything sooner or later. It’s just a waste of time.

Thus, it’s important you filter out relevant prospects and try to add maximum connections to your network.


Because only relevant and industry-specific people will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Such connections are more likely to engage with you and become your potential clients in the future.

To build high-quality connections, you can leverage the potential of LinkedCamp.

You can seamlessly apply the advanced filters that this tool offers to extract people relevant to your business. Not just filters, it also comes with Boolean Operators so you can easily skip out those you do not want to connect with.

  1. Publish Personalized and Relevant Content

It goes without saying that if you want to build a solid authority or you want to get noticed by your prospects, start working on your content marketing strategy.

Your content should be unique, personalized, and relevant and it should be based on your clients’ interests, problems to their business solutions, and tips on how they improve their business.

When you start posting such content on regular basis, you start showing up in the prospects’ feed and eventually they get familiar with your profile.

As your posts reach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections, your reach will expand. The wider the reach, the more chances to generate leads.

There are different types of content that you can post to capture the attention of your prospects. You can post articles/blogs, create a poll, and create infographics, images, and videos.

Also remember, that when you are reaching out to people in their inboxes, make sure you send highly personalized messages. If sending thousands of personalized messages seems like a challenge to you, you can take the help of LinkedCamp.

How LinkedCamp Can Help You Send Personalized Messages?

LinkedCamp has features to help you send highly personalized messages to every single prospect.  It has Hyperise Integration that enables users to send custom images and GIFs along with the messages.

A great number of our users have generated a good number of leads using this feature.

  1. Engage with Your Prospects

Once you have reached out to your target audience, the next step is engagement.

The engagement part is very important as it helps you to make yourself familiar with your prospects and build strong business relationships with them.

You can simply start by visiting your profile. When you do this, they will get a notification and many of them will visit your profile back. This will work as the first brick leading to the foundation of a strong business relationship.

When you are running a LinkedIn automation campaign, you can set profile visiting into your sequence and the tool will automatically increase your engagement.

  1. Use LinkedIn Groups

Another most useful way to drive LinkedIn lead generation for your B2B company is by taking advantage of LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups consist of like-minded people who share quality content with each other in groups. If you find one user group, you can find a good number of leads out of it.

use LinkedIn’s basic filters to find a group and request to join it. Depending on the management, it might take you some time to get accepted. Once you’re in, check out the lists of members, see what type of content they share, get involved, and become regular contributors.

Study the members and see what type of content they create and consume. You also need to create such content to establish your reputation as an industry leader.

Once you have done that, you can easily run campaigns for the group members.

Do you know you can also scrape group members with LinkedCamp?

How to scrape group members with LinkedCamp?

With LinkedCamp, you can easily scrape all the group members, assign them to a particular campaign and send them messages without connecting with them.

Simply copy the URL of the group you want to scrape members from, apply the filters, and let the tool do the rest.

Note: You must be the member of the group you want to scrape out members from. LinkedCamp cannot scrape out members from a group that you are not a member of.

Once you have scraped out members, you’ll assign those group members to a specific profile. You can build messaging sequences, make other changes and then run a highly targeted campaign that will surely bring out great outcomes.


Checklist & Takeaways

To recap, here are some steps to follow if you want to take advantage of LinkedIn lead generation:

  • Make relevant connections; focus on quality than quantity
  • Make you’re focusing on the right audience with the right tools and strategies
  • Use the power of valuable content to establish your reputation
  • Start using LinkedCamp to scrape members to take better advantage of LinkedIn groups
  • Apply strategies and keep an eye on results to see where you can improve.

And that’s a wrap!

B2B lead generation on LinkedIn is rewarding only when you know how to play the cards right.

Generating B2B leads doesn’t have to be that hard. LinkedCamp is one of the safest and best ways to find valuable prospects and run highly personalized outreach campaigns for them. Get started with LinkedCamp 7-day free trial today and use our features to do successful outreach.

Connecting with the right audience and providing them with valuable content is the key to building a great network.

Ready to launch your first automated outreach campaign on LinkedIn?