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Looking for a Dux-Soup Alternative? Check Out Our Feedback on the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools


Have you tried Dux-soup for lead generation or any other LinkedIn automation tool? Didn’t get your desired outcomes? Don’t worry! We have got the right solutions for you. 

The LinkedIn automation tools help you find your ideal prospects, send connect invites, send effective messages, as well as follow-ups, all completely on auto-pilot. However, Dux-Soup is not the only tool that does these tasks for you. 

Many other latest LinkedIn automation tools come with even advanced features and this is where Dux-Soup falls behind them. 

Moreover, the issue of safety is another major concern. Many Dux-Soup users in the past have complained about the safety of the tool as many users lost their well-established accounts after being detected by LinkedIn. 

Why Should You Go For a Dux-Soup Alternative?

Dux-soup, which is a chrome extension, is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools. However, it has some drawbacks such as you can only run a proper campaign when you select the Turbo plan. Otherwise, you won’t get access to some features that are important to run a campaign. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of using this tool is that it’s a chrome extension which means you’ll need to have your computer running all the time and monitor your campaigns throughout. 

This can be quite problematic for many users as they can’t focus on the other business parts. Thus, they have to put equal effort even after using a LinkedIn automation tool. 

In contrast to that, a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool such as LinkedCamp runs in the background and doesn’t even require any monitoring. 

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Dux-Soup, we have got some good options for you.

In this blog, we’ll be covering the following LinkedIn automation tools:

  • LinkedCamp
  • Meet Alfred
  • Phantombuster
  • WeConnect
  • Zopto
  • LinkedIn Helper

Let’s take a look at our tried and tested top LinkedIn marketing automation tools 2021. However, before you decide, make sure you read all the way through and choose a tool that suits your needs. 

1. LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp is the best cloud based LinkedIn automation tool. If you’re thinking we’re becoming biased putting this tool on the top, you really need to check its features, and performance and you’d agree with us. 

Here’s a quick rundown of all of its amazing features that will help you decide why you should go for it:

For most of the users, safety is the top concern. 
If you use LinkedIn frequently for lead generation, you’d know that LinkedIn has updated its algorithm and it’s introducing new restrictions. This means that LinkedIn has become active against the bots and LinkedIn automation tools.

To avoid this, you need a tool that runs safe campaigns and provides dedicated IP addresses. With Dux-Soup, your IP address is different each time you log in to your account, while LinkedCamp keeps your log-in details secure. 


LinkedCamp also has advanced personalization features that help you run hyper-personalized campaigns and mimic human behavior. 

With this tool, you have access to Hyperise Integration, and you can send personalized messages along with custom images and GIFs to stand out from the rest.

Extracts Profiles From Post

Not just that, LinkedCamp also has other features. You can use this tool to extract data and profiles of the people who have liked and commented on a particular post. A smart inbox will help you massages your messages smartly.

Advanced Dashboard

To make things even easier for you, the tool has an advanced dashboard where you can see all the campaign metrics and leads details at once. You can see the performance of each campaign and make well-informed decisions. 

How to use LinkedCamp?

As it is cloud-based, you don’t need to install it. Simply log into your LinkedCamp account and select an option to activate your campaign.

You can also set your campaign sequences 

LinkedIn Profile Engagement -> LinkedIn Connect -> Message -> InMail.
Next, perform all the necessary steps and start your campaigns in a few minutes.

So, are you considering trying this amazing LinkedIn automation tool as an alternative Dux-Soup? You can always start with a 7-day free trial.

The price of the tool starts from $49.99.

2. Meet Alfred

Next on the list, we have Meet Alfred that is known to be the best tool for successful social selling on LinkedIn. 

This advanced LinkedIn automation tool has a lot of features that are popular among the users for driving engagement and managing the conversation to build strong business relationships. 

Email Sequences

With Meet Alfred, you can set email campaign sequences as it enables you to connect your GSuite account. This means you can directly send bulk emails to hundreds of prospects. You won’t find this amazing feature in any other tool. 

Internal CRM
Moreover, you can also manage all your leads with an advanced internal CRM.

Pre-built Templates

Users will also have access to a ‘Template Library’ that includes LinkedIn messages templates. A user can edit these templates as per their needs and send them to target prospects. 

Also, you can manage your multiple LinkedIn accounts and campaigns at the same time. With this tool, you also get access to a dashboard where you can analyze all the campaign details. 

How to use Meet Alfred?

Starting a campaign with Meet Alfred is very simple. All you need to do is to install the chrome extension and select an option from where you want your leads to come from.
It can be either using a LinkedIn URL, LinkedIn Sales Navigator search URL, or uploading a CSV file.

Once you have chosen an option, create campaign sequences and you’re good to go.

With Meet Alfred, you can also create a LinkedIn + Email Campaign

The price of the tool varies depending on the package you choose.

It’s price ranges between: $39-$79

3. Phantombuster

Phantom buster is an amazing LinkedIn automation tool that is code-free, scraping details of the prospects, automating different tasks such as finding ideal profiles and reaching them out.  It’s a sort of untraditional tool as you can use it in combination with other tools, so you can use it as an alternative to Dux-Soup.

Profile Scraper
This LinkedIn automation tool is a profile scraper (scraps data like name, title, position, email, etc.) so if you are someone who wants to scrape out details of your prospects, you can simply use this tool and run successful campaigns. 

Integration With Other Tools

You can also combine this tool to get maximum results. For example, you can scrape out data from the profiles and then use LinkedCamp to reach out to them. 

If you don’t want to combine it with any other tool, don’t worry! Phantombuster is not just a profile scraper but a network booster that sends invites to hundreds to hundreds of LinkedIn users. 

However, many users prefer to use Phantombuster with another LinkedIn automation tool to run successful campaigns. 

How to use Phantombuster?

You need to install Phantombuster as it is a chrome extension. After that, you need to connect your LinkedIn account and then enter all the necessary information if you want to scrape details of the prospects’ profile. The input tab looks like this:

Once you have scrapped the data, you can upload the spreadsheet that has all the data.

Depending on the feature you opt for, the price of this tool can vary from $0-$900.


4. WeConnect

The next Dux-Soup alternative is WeConnect which is an amazing LinkedIn automation tool for nurturing and closing more deals through automated outreach. 

As it is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, it already excels when it comes to safety and security concerns.

Smart Reply Management

Moreover, it also provides a ‘smart reply management’ feature that enables users to see all their messages and reply to their prospects directly without any mess or confusion.

All Data at One Place
If you’re someone who needs a tool that will manage your LinkedIn and get all the details in a bird’s eye view, you’d definitely love this tool. 

Quick & Easy Management
Apart from the basic features, WeConnect is loved by the users due to its ‘ easy user management.’ You can manage multiple campaigns and hundreds of leads easily without any complexities. 

When you start using this tool, you’d immediately like this tool as it has a very easy-to-use interface and simple useability. 

This tool is perfect for the salesperson, recruiters, marketers, and other businesses which makes it a must alternative to Dux-Soup.

How to use WeConnect?

To run a campaign on WeConnect, you first need to make a search and upload the list of the profiles. You can either add a search URL or import them through a CSV file. Apply all the filters and select the templates you want to send as connect notes or messages and then create the campaign. 

The price of this advanced LinkedIn automation tool starts at $49.

5. Zopto 

Like LinkedCamp, Zopto is also a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, which is one of the biggest advantages if you’re thinking of switching. Running campaigns on this tool is very easy as you can access it from any device that has an internet connection.

Popular features include:

Unlike Dux-Soup, you don’t need to jump from machine to machine to run your campaigns. As Zopto runs from the cloud, there’s no need to worry about getting the tool closed down or losing your campaigns. The tool requires no monitoring even when you’re away so you can easily perform other business activities.

Advanced Filtration

With its advanced filters, Zopto makes sure that you never miss on any lead and helps you find even the most difficult leads.

Automated Campaigns

Runs and manages multiple campaigns automatically and sends hundreds of invites and messages. 

Seamless Integration
Provide thousands of integrations through Zapier and Webhooks.

Amazing Support
With Zopto, you can book your appointment anytime and their support will guide you throughout the process. 

How to use Zopto?

Running a campaign with Zopto is simple and quick. Simply open your Zopto account and use advanced filters to search for your ideal prospects. Choose the level of engagement as per your requirements and then start your campaign.
It really is a 2-minute process.

The price of this tool ranges between $215 – $895.

6. LinkedIn Helper 2

The last on our list is LinkedIn Helper which is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool and the recent updates have made it a strong alternative to Dux-Soup.

In their recent updates, they have changed this tool from a chrome extension to a Standalone application. This can be a very convenient option for some users.

Runs Drip Campaigns
With this best LinkedIn automation tool, you can run successful drip campaigns; searching the right profile, reaching out to them, sending messages and follow-ups.

Store Data in CRM
Once you make a search using this tool, it saves all the data in the CRM which you can use later on.

Smart Reply Detection
It also offers an advanced feature “Smart replies detection” which means that whenever a prospect responds, the tool stops, allowing you to take over the conversation manually.

LinkedInHelper also provides 3rd party integrations as it integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.

How to use LinkedIn Helper?

To run a campaign with the LinkedIn helper, you simply need to log into your account. Please remember that you can set multiple campaigns but all the campaigns won’t run simultaneously. All the campaigns you set up will be queued and only one campaign runs at a time.

When one campaign stops, another one is activated. With this tool, you can run campaigns with basic and advanced interface.

The price of this tool ranges between $15 – $99.


If you want to switch from Dux-Soup and are looking for safer and more advanced LinkedIn automation tools, you can definitely choose one of the above-mentioned options. Choose a safe and useful LinkedIn automation tool based on the following factors:

  • Safety
  • Integrations
  •  Number of LinkedIn accounts it offers
  • Personalization
  • Price tag

Good Luck!


Arslan Nasir

Founder of LinkedCamp and is deeply involved, thoughtful, and high-energy leader who is committed to making LinkedCamp a highly useful LinkedIn Automation tool for users.