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GDPR- The EU General Data Protection Regulation is the most important change to EU data privacy law in years. It took effect from May 2018. It has replaced the 1995 Data Protection Directives. The LikedCamp team, while introducing the tool, has ensured full compliance with the GDPR.

What Is The GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU law on data protection and privacy for everyone with the European Union. These laws aim to increase control over personal data. The GDPR has become a unifying regulation across the EU  for businesses.

How Does This Affect You?

Regardless of where the system or controller is working, the GDPR regulation is applicable for all EU residents’ data. If you are using LinkedCamp from the USA to reach other US corporations, the regulation won’t affect users. However, if some of your leads or customers are in the EU, you need to pay attention to it. Practically, most of the organizations or companies have to take the GDPR into consideration.

How Does LinkedCamp Comply With GDPR?

GDPR is applicable for the data privacy of the EU residents, LinkedCamp broadly complies with the rules and regulations. We do not restrict any private features based on the geographical location of a user. Here’re some points to show we are compliant to GDPR.


Data security is our priority and we manage it very seriously. LinkedCamp servers are very secure and can only be accessed by LinkedCamp’s technical team whose job is to maintain the privacy and integrity of LinkedCamp’s servers as well as product-related functions. Our team is responsible for maintaining the security of the servers and confidentiality of the sensitive data contained in the servers. LinkedCamp is fully responsible for securing your personal information and takes appropriate steps to keep the users’ data secured. Our team readily takes steps to limit access, encrypting sensitive information, detecting unauthorized steps, and not saving information any longer that the company needs. LinkedCamp has a team that analyzes the GDPR requirements and takes appropriate steps to maximize contracts, procedures, policies and platform feature to make sure everything complies with GDPR and enables compliance for users.

Log Retention:

To prevent fraud, debug, and improve services, we keep a number of different logs. Our team also ensures logs are destroyed after 3 months of the collection date. LinkedCamp doesn’t use those logs for anything other than monitoring.

Data Portability:

GDPR also gives users the right to download data that they have provided to service. This leads to an easier and smooth migration to other services. Systematic Pseudonymization Of Private Data: Our software pseudonymized information to ensure the privacy of the users. Any things that don’t need to be in its original form are truncated to eliminate any possibility to be linked back to a specific data subject.