Inbuilt Safety Usage Limits

Automates all LinkedIn activities without risks and make sure your campaign activities remain within commercial limits.


Your Safety Is Our Priority

LinkedCamp has features that let you manage your LinkedIn activities without any risk.

Complete Control Of The Automation Schedule

LinkedCamp automation activities imitate human behavior. To ensure further, you can schedule automation activities that will align with your normal working hours.

You can set days or even hours when you want LinkedCamp to run campaigns for you.

Daily Automation Activity Limits

Excessive or unusual activities can trigger the LinkedIn monitoring system that may detect automation activities and block your account. But LinkedCamp is programmed in a way that it sends connection requests within daily limits to avoid LinkedIn account restrictions.

Moreover, LinkedCamp gives you full control to edit these limits as per your requirements.

Auto Captcha Detection

If LinkedIn detects any unusual activity within your account, it may trigger a ReCaptcha asking you to login again. 

LinkedCamp quickly detects such actions and stops automation activities for some time to save your account from getting blocked.

Auto-Detection of LinkedIn Warnings

If the LinkedIn monitoring system is giving any type of warning, LinkedCamp’s algorithm detects those warnings instantly and stops the automation activity.

It performs automation activities in such a way that it looks like you are working manually on the platform.