Is It Safe?

LinkedCamp is a 100% safe and secure cloud based automation tool. It provides a risk-free & smoother user experience, keeping your login & prospecting details secured!

Is it safe

Using Automation Software Safely On LinkedIn

LinkedCamp is safe to use and can be very rewarding if used with a careful and disciplined approach. With the right strategy, it can build a strong network, strike up conversations in a natural way, & they can be converted into potential opportunities. It is efficient, saves time and money, keeps data secure, & uses a personalized approach.

Absolutely. The tool sends connection requests by making random delays after each automated campaign. Thus LinkedIn cannot detect it. It doesn’t change the LinkedIn user interface and keeps your personal data hidden.

No. With LinkedCamp, you don’t need to worry about LinkedIn account restriction.
LinkedIn monitors your activities and checks how many profiles you have visited, how many connection requests & messages you have sent in a day. If it exceeds the daily limits, LinkedIn may detect automation activity and block your account. However, the safety of your LinkedIn account is a top priority for us, therefore, LinkedCamp has been designed to send connection requests and messages as per LinkedIn’s daily limit.

There is a common misconception that chrome extensions are safer than cloud-based automation tools. This simply isn’t true!
Chrome extensions are more likely to get detected as compared to cloud-based solutions. With a cloud-based solution, LinkedIn won’t be able to detect your locations, thus it’s a better option for most people overall.

Yes, it is safe! With LinkedCamp, you can easily manage multiple LinkedIn accounts and run multiple campaigns at the same time.

LinkedIn monitoring system gets triggered if it detects excessive or unusual activity. Though LinkedCamp is secure and sends connection requests within LinkedIn daily limits. However, keep checking the tool’s performance after intervals to make sure the automation activity is gradual.

LinkedCamp is designed to skip those profiles who have been processed already. You don’t need to worry about repetition because it won’t send duplicate connection requests or messages to the same person from one linkedIn account.