Key Insights & Detailed Analytics

Lets you evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Observes all the campaign metrics gets key insights and does smart optimization.


Keeps An Eye On The Campaign’s Performance

LinkedCamp has all features to help you assess campaign performance and take action accordingly.

Saves All The Metrics On The Dashboard

Assessing and evaluating campaign stats and performance is necessary if you want to improve the conversion rate. 

Every time you log into your account, you can see the dashboard to get a glimpse of all the activities and stats. You can click on the stats such as the number of profile views, connection requests, etc. to get more precise information.

In-depth Campaign Analytics To Get Insights

LinkedCamp does smart optimization. It not only saves all the stats and data on the dashboard, but also evaluates the campaign performance to better understand connection volumes, response, and conversion rate. 

You can click on details to evaluate the campaign performance.

Customized Campaign & Lead Generation Data

LinkedCamp tracks all your contacts to keep a record of who is invited, connected, where they are in sequence, and canceled. 

You can search for details about specific prospects by name or sorted by stage. Stores metrics about who showed interest and how many leads have been generated. 

Provides Daily Activity Reports

Data analytics are important to assess campaign performance so you can take necessary steps. LinkedCamp not only stores this data but also makes it easily available and exportable for you.

Share Results With Team Members

LinkedCamp is an easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool that your employees will quickly pick up. It allows you to share campaign performance and data with your team members.

It will increase your team’s productivity and ensure that you generate maximum leads and ROI from your LinkedIn marketing efforts.