In the 21st century, connecting and engaging with others is the key component to success. 

With millions of professional users, LinkedIn is all about connections and networks. More than half a billion professionals have gathered on this platform from all across the world and that’s the real power of LinkedIn for business. If we break down the numbers, 63 million people are found in the decision-making roles and are in a position to be your potential customers.

This leaves a little doubt that there is a large audience out there that presents the opportunities to generate more and more leads if a smart strategy is employed. 

One of the best strategies to generate maximum leads on LinkedIn is by automating your LinkedIn. With the right tactics and strategy, LinkedIn automation can establish connections, and build relationships that convert into an opportunity. A LinkedIn automation tool will give you a wide-ranging opportunity to connect and reach out to professionals, grow your networks as well as chances of lead generation.

The purpose of a LinkedIn automation tool is only to trigger relationship-building interactions with the right audience. With the increasing automation trends, there is a whole host of LinkedIn automation tools popping up in the market. Here we have compared the two most popular LinkedIn automation tools. 

Let’s see how they are different and which tool suits your business objectives:

Zopto – LinkedIn Automation Tool

Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that attracts hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal audience on LinkedIn. The tool has been used by most sales teams who wanted to speed up their prospecting efforts. 

The tool has various engaging features such as search filters that you can use to search your targeted customers by industry, company size, location, and much more. The tool also allows you to use LinkedIn premium and provide sales navigator support to make the searching process more precise and accurate. 

Along with the filtering option, Zopto also gives you an option to choose a desired level of engagement. Moreover, it also enables relevant features like connection requests, sequential messaging, Profile View Generator, Twitter Engagement, Free InMails, etc.

A feature that highlights Zopto is that it’s a cloud-based solution. This means a user doesn’t need to monitor the campaign all the time. All they have to do is just to start the campaign and the rest will be taken care of. A user can perform all other activities while the campaign runs.

It also provides 3rd party integrations that allow users to add immense value to their lead generation pipeline. The benefit of integrating Zopto tool is that it not only automates your lead generation process but also acquire an audience outside of your network and enter new markets in a short time.

Though Zopto has plenty of reliable features that make prospecting easier and simple, there is another great alternative that has even better features that meet all the latest marketing automation requirements.

If you are looking for an automation tool that will make your prospecting more efficient and hassle-free, go for LinkedCamp.

LinkedCamp Automation Tool

The key to successful LinkedIn automation is knowing how to make prospecting easier and faster and LikedCamp knows the way to do it. This tool has features based on the latest automation requirements that have proved to be a winning combination. Its features include:

1- Cloud-Based LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedCamp is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. With this feature, users don’t need to monitor activities all the time by sitting in front of the screen. They can perform all other core tasks while the campaign keeps running in the back. All they have to do is to start and campaign and it will keep running even when they are away. 

2- Complex Query Builder

Complex Query Builder is a unique feature that has made a searching and prospecting even easier. This tool enables users to narrow down the searches using specific keywords or combinations of words to fill your pipeline with more relevant leads. 

For instance, a user can search its target audience based on industry type, demography, skillset, job type, and more. This way, instead of sending finding and connecting with thousands of random prospects, users will only target relevant prospects that can be potential customers in the future.

3- Sales Navigator Support

Sales Navigator is a sales feature of LinkedIn that makes searching and connecting more precise and relevant. If your LinkedIn account has a Sales Navigator, you can find in-depth and relevant user details with LinkedCamp Navigation Support.

4- Connect Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Another amazing feature of LinkedCamp is that it has been designed to integrate with other platforms. It has the ability to integrate with Slack and Hubspot. When you start a campaign, you will also get notifications on Slack regarding the campaign.

Moreover, if you have multiple LinkedIn accounts, LinkedCamp allows you to connect with these accounts and run multiple campaigns in parallel. 

What Makes LinkedCamp A Better Option Than Zopto?

Though both of these tools share similar features, yet there is a feature that makes LinkedCamp a far better choice: LinkedCamp Mobile Application

LinkedCamp Mobile Application

Mobile applications are booming and LinkedIn mobile users numbers reflect that. The number of smartphone users is climbing every day because it makes it easier for business professionals and other people to manage their tasks with the least effort. From checking emails to managing complicated tasks, the mobile application has made it easier for users to just open the app and perform a certain task with just a few clicks. 

Today, the mobile market share across the world is 54.2% compared to the desktop market share that is 45.8%. This is because mobile applications make your work a lot more easy and quick as compared to desktop. Keeping these latest requirements in mind, LikedCamp has decided to launch its mobile application in the near future. 

Through LikedCamp mobile application, users will be able to run campaigns, apply filters, and perform other LinkedIn automation activities on their phones even when they are away, or traveling. No other automation tool in the market has a mobile app but LinkedIn is all set to take LinkedIn automation to a whole new level with its mobile application. All you have to do is to download the application, connect it with your LinkedIn account, and the rest will be taken care of. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lead generation, LinkedCamp and Zopto are the best tools out there. However, LinkedCamp is superior to most of the LinkedIn automation tools out there because it has been designed after recognizing each customer’s needs and goals. If you want to generate more leads with less effort, LikedCamp is certainly the right option for you.