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LinkedIn Automation 2021: How to Walk the Fine Line Between Successful Campaigns & Spamming

LinkedIn Automation

Is LinkedIn Automation Really Spammy? The answer is ‘No.’ 

LinkedIn automation is a powerful marketing tool for the modern B2B marketers and salesman. But just like every other technology, you need to use this technology with a careful approach, or else it would cause more harm than good. 

Plenty of B2B marketers and businesses are already leveraging the potential of advanced LinkedIn automation tools. While there are many that get LinkedIn automation warnings for spamming. Why is that so?

It’s because they use this technology with an entirely wrong approach. 

Why are businesses turning their shift towards LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn tools have made life a lot easier for marketers and businesses. These tools help you automate complex, time-taking, and repetitive tasks that consume all your time and money when done manually. 

They use it to find their ideal prospects, send connection requests messages, follow-ups, collect data, add personalization, all this completely on auto-pilot. It’s a far better approach than cold emailing and cold outreach and gives results much faster than traditional methods. 

However, if not done properly, LinkedIn automation can definitely feel like spam. 

Some users think of marketing and lead generation as a numbers game, and they use these tools to send hundreds and thousands of connection requests and messages in a short time (sometimes over the night) and LinkedIn doesn’t allow that. 

What does LinkedIn say?

LinkedIn isn’t really pleased when it comes to using third-party tools. It considers LinkedIn automation tools illegal. It has clearly mentioned in its ToS that:

“We don’t permit the use of any third-party software, including “crawlers”, bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions (also called “add-ons”), that scrapes, modifies the appearance of, or automates activity on LinkedIn’s website.”

They even sued a company called hiQ Labs as they designed an automation tool to scrape professional data from LinkedIn. It was a legal battle where the opposite party claimed that LinkedIn is a professional network designed to help professionals take advantage of it. Thus, the whole internet should benefit from it and there shouldn’t be any restrictions. 

However, LinkedIn’s concern isn’t just limited to data scraping, but the platform is also worried about spammers who are hurting it’s reputation. 

LinkedIn has a very strict policy against spammers as well. It cracked down on spammers back in 2014 and deleted millions of accounts. It keeps on doing so from time to time to keep the platform free of spam. 

What do the LinkedIn Automation Tools Say?

There was a time when cold outreach worked for marketers and businesses. Times have changed and so is customer behavior. Today, 90% of the prospects don’t even like to open any promotional email or receive a call from a random number trying to sell them something. 

Today, social selling on LinkedIn has become the main source of generating leads. Unlike the name ‘social selling,” it means leveraging the potential of social networks like LinkedIn to find ideal prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately achieve your sales goal. 

And the latest LinkedIn automation tools simply assist in achieving that goal quicker and with more efficiency. 

These tools claim that they have been designed to make complex jobs easier and save time which they can use to perform important business tasks. 

Are LinkedIn Automation Tools Worth It?

This is one of the trickiest questions and honestly, the answer depends on how smartly you use these tools to your benefit. 

People who benefit from it say that top LinkedIn automation tools 2021 are a godsend for them as these tools have helped them maintain a constant flow of leads. 

On the other hand, there are people who use these tools and get their accounts blocked temporarily or permanently. A number of LinkedIn automation tools have been reported as spam in the past while there are top marketers like Neil Patel and other luminaries who have embraced these automation tools. They believe that every technology has its own benefits and people should be able to use the best LinkedIn automation tools to grow their business.

How to Use LinkedIn Automation Tools Without Spamming?

1. Use the tools to deliver value, not spam

People create spam when they fail to define their target audience and then send templated messages to random prospects who are completely irrelevant. 

To avoid this, use the best LinkedIn automation tools to extract the list of ideal prospects before you proceed further. When sending them messages, including some interesting details about them instead of sharing cut-and-paste templates. 

Engage effectively and deliver what they really want to read. Start with a phrase that will catch their attention so they open and read your message. 

2. Don’t lose the human touch

LinkedIn automation tools are truly great for marketers who can extract personalized data and run highly personalized campaigns to build a list of qualified leads. 

When using these tools, it can be very tempting to gather all the data or connect with everyone over the night. However, being over-enthusiastic can jeopardize your account safety. The LinkedIn algorithm is very smart and it will detect you’re using a bot or a tool and you might go to LinkedIn jail. 

That’s why it’s vital to use free LinkedIn automation tools with a disciplined approach. Automate tasks that don’t require human assistance and take over the conversations when someone replies. 


A properly built LinkedIn automation tool can be very rewarding and provide great leverage in building connections and generating leads. 

Use all the practices that we have mentioned above. Running a successful LinkedIn automation campaign means keeping a balance between automated activities and human touch. 

Gather data automatically and then reach people with personal approaches. 

Respect your connections and use tools with a moderate approach. It will never cause any spam and you will be able to generate amazing leads in a short time. 

For more safety, you can always use a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool as they run 100% safe campaigns.


Steve John

Steve John is a content marketer & strategist at LinkedCamp. A rider by day & a reader by night, he has been writing for 7 years. Passionate about SaaS, he loves to write on technology & automation.