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LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit 2021 – Here is a Solution

LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit

Breaking news: LinkedIn is making big changes recently. LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit is one of the major changes you should be aware of. This means it’s much easier to put in LinkedIn jail, especially those who use LinkedIn automation tools.

It’s good news for those who are tired of LinkedIn spammers and scammers. LinkedIn wants to keep the platform transparent and safe for its users thus it started cracking down on the number of invites that you can send daily or per week. 

Yet it is making a lot of people VERY UNHAPPY. 

What Was LinkedIn’s Invitation Limit Before This Update?

Before this update, there was no limit to how many connect requests one could send per day. 

The maximum number of invites on the LinkedIn algorithm which used to detect the invite acceptance rate combined with some factors such as:

1. How old is the account?

2. The number of connections it already had

3. Acceptance rate

4. Other account usage metrics

The exact number of invites would vary from account to account based on the profile metrics. 

Moreover, LinkedIn invites limit for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account was 200-225 per day. But now it seems like LinkedIn would eventually restrict all accounts. 

While many users are happy that it will reduce the number of spam accounts on this platform, many others are complaining about this new update. 

What is the new LinkedIn Invitation Limit?

Recently, many users have received a notification from LinkedIn that looks like this:

“You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit.”

The new LinkedIn invites limits have been significantly reduced down to 100 invites per week. 

If you’re using a free account, the limit is most likely less than even 100 invites. 

If you still have no idea about it, you can test out sending invites for a week to find what’s your sweet spot. 

Currently, not all the LinkedIn accounts are experiencing this new update and they can still send more connection requests. Seems like LinkedIn is just testing its new updates and they will be implemented all later on.

Why LinkedIn Has Changed The Invitation Limit

LinkedIn has become the largest professional network where millions of users are present. It isn’t really amusing when someone spams or uses a bot or LinkedIn automation tools to perform activities. It has also mentioned it in its terms and conditions. 

Many users who have complained about the new update have different accounts, some have free, some have paid, so it can be concluded that this update is applied to:

  • All LinkedIn accounts (Free, premium, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator)
  • The number of pending invites is not involved
  • Don’t take your account performance into account.

Though LinkedIn hasn’t released any notification for why they have introduced the new limits, many marketers believe that LinkedIn has taken strict steps due to marketers’ rush to run outreach campaigns and achieve quick transformation. 

In 2014, LinkedIn cracked on many spammers and deleted millions of such accounts. However, it was still experiencing overactivity by many users. Thus, LinkedIn had to intervene to balance things. 

Well, it seems both good and bad.

It will reduce the number of spam on this platform but on the other hand, this will significantly restrict the marketers’ ability to run outreach campaigns. 

LinkedIn has been fighting against the spammers for a very long time now and this is just another attempt to protect the platforms from spamming practices. 

How the New LinkedIn Invitation Limit is Affecting Marketers and Businesses? 

Many marketers and businesses who rely on LinkedIn to increase their reach, brand awareness, and other commercial purposes are worried due to this new update.

Many businesses have already raised voices that LinkedIn is not letting users take advantage of the professional database completely. 

According to them, the platform is for professional networking and LinkedIn shouldn’t put certain restrictions from time to time. This limits them to enlarge their networks and generate more business opportunities which is the fundamental reason LinkedIn was established for. 

As soon as you target the commercial limit of your account, you will be greeted with a notification that you have reached the limit of your connection requests per week and now you can’t perform such activity. At the start of each week, things reset back, and you can start over once again. 

Unfortunately, this is even affecting businesses that are even paying LinkedIn to perform certain tasks. Seems like LinkedIn wants to take control of by limiting all the activities performed by users. 

Is There Any Solution to Lift the Weekly Invitation Limit?

Once you have got this notification from LinkedIn, you have to wait until the next week when things reset back. 

However, you can save yourself from these restrictions and still send 100 connection requests daily by using LinkedCamp.

With this tool, you can easily exceed your weekly quota of sending invites.  LinkedCamp has an auto warm-up feature that sends connection requests slowly and then gradually increases the number once your account has been established. 

When you use LinkedCamp to send connection requests, it sends 80% of the invites of the total quota to 2nd-degree profiles and 20% to the 3rd-degree profiles.


Thus, B2B marketers and other businesses that want to run outreach campaigns can successfully send 100 connection requests even after LinkedIn has put restrictions. That sounds amazing, isn’t it? 

How Does LinkedCamp Work When LinkedIn Has Set Its Weekly Limits?

LinkedCamp is a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that has been designed to mimic human behavior.
It comes with advanced safety features ‘Inbuilt safety Limit’ and ‘Auto Warm-Up’ that enable users to send connection requests in a manner that it doesn’t seem like a tool is working on the other side. 

LinkedIn has taken this step to reduce the number of spammers. When you receive the restriction notification, the complete message reads as follow:

“Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.

“For people, you don’t know, you can follow them to see their posts or send an InMail instead. If you’d still like to send an invitation, please try again next week.”

Thus, LinkedCamp helps users to send highly personalized messages. It has a CSV file feature that helps you send the right message to the right person and use the right variable to address them – all this completely automatically.

Moreover, it also has Hyperise integration that enables users to send customized and relevant images and GIFs along with the message to make them even more personalized. 


No doubt LinkedIn has drastically reduced the number of connect requests that are affecting businesses a lot.

If you are sending invites manually, there is nothing much you can do. You can focus on your content marketing strategy by posting relevant and engaging content, so the relevant leads send you connection requests instead of the other way around. 

Participate more in groups so people get to know about you and visit your profile more. Clear your pending invites even though it doesn’t have to do anything with the weekly invites. 

But if you save yourself from all these troubles, you can use LinkedCamp that enables users to send 100 invites per day. Now is the time to join this tool.
Want to know how it works? Start the 7-day free trial now.


Arslan Nasir

Founder of LinkedCamp and is deeply involved, thoughtful, and high-energy leader who is committed to making LinkedCamp a highly useful LinkedIn Automation tool for users.