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LinkedIn Prospecting 101: Everything You Need to Know About Successful Prospecting

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For most B2B marketers, social selling on LinkedIn is a way of life. When it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn tops the B2B marketer’s best friends list for social prospecting and running outreach campaigns. With more than 675 active users on this platform, it’s such a vast platform that people often get confused about where to start from. Among millions, finding the right prospects using advanced filters, connect with them, craft personalized messages that get replies, and generating leads is not as easier as it sounds. This is what LinkedIn automation tools have been designed for – to perform all these actions automatically and ramp up your lead generation efforts. 

 Before we start exploring tips and techniques for successful prospecting, let’s find out what is a sales prospecting

What is the sales prospecting?

Prospecting on LinkedIn is simply equivalent to cold outreach practices. Most commonly, LinkedIn sales prospecting includes:

  • Using advanced filters to find a targeted audience
  • Powerful social selling campaigns
  • Sending highly-personalized connect requests
  • Sending personalized messages and InMail
  • Joining relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Using LinkedIn automation tools for outreach

LinkedIn prospecting can be extremely powerful to generate new business opportunities for you if done right. 

LinkedIn Automation Tools For Prospecting

When it comes down to effective prospecting to generate leads, most of the B2B marketers and other professionals use prefer to use automation tools. Advanced automation tools come with powerful features that perform all the functions mentioned above. 

1. 48% of B2B marketers acknowledged that automation tools are effective for prospecting

2. More than 80% of the startups and small companies are using automation tools for prospecting

3. Business that use advanced automation told for prospecting has seen significant growth of 12% in the sales pipeline. 

With the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can easily find your targeted audience, using advanced filters. If used with a disciplined approach, you can reap so many benefits of sales prospecting such as:

  • Warm and qualified leads
  • Better engagement and reach
  • Saves you’re a lot of time & money
  • Let’s your brand yourself in your niche
  • & many more

In a nutshell, LinkedIn sales prospecting through marketing automation tools helps increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads faster. 

If you’re wondering how to do that, here are some points you need to know about successful prospecting:

Best Tips for LinkedIn Sales Prospecting

1. Find the right prospects to connect with

Finding the right prospects is the key to successful LinkedIn outreach campaigns. No matter how bigger the network you have, it is of no benefit if there are no relevant prospects.

The purpose of LinkedIn sales prospecting is to connect with people that belong to the same niche. You can eventually turn them into potential customers by sending personalized messages and building relationships with them. 

The best way to find and connect with relevant prospects is through cloud based LinkedIn automation tools. They do not connect with every prospect that comes into their way but find only the relevant ones based on the keywords.

2. Use personalization

A common mistake that most of the B2B marketers make is sounding too sales-y right away. This cold outreach approach irritates prospects, and they ignore your connect request. 

The best way to avoid this to flesh out your buyers’ personal and collect important details about them using the best automation tools:

  • Who are they following?
  • What are their interests?
  • Which LinkedIn groups they have joined
  • Which type of content they like to engage with 
  • What are their business goals and what new opportunities they are looking for? 

When you collect such information and you know what their goals are and what type of solutions they are looking for, you can send them customized messages. The latest cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools come with advanced features that allow you to send personalized messages based on their interests.

B2B marketers who use the best automation tools 2020 know that such messages have more than 70% acceptance rate and almost 40% response rate. 

3. Try using sales navigator

If you are a b2B marketer and often used LinkedIn sales prospecting, you must be familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Although you have to buy LinkedIn’s premier version to get access to LinkedIn sales navigator, it has so many benefits that will help you to do prospecting like a pro. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes with the following features:

  • Advanced filters 
  • More precise search filters 
  • ‘View similar profiles” sidebar
  • & more

By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator along with automation tools can give you quick prospecting results.

4. Keep Your pending requests list clear

A quick and effective tip for successful prospecting is to keep your pending requests list clear.

When you use automation tools to send hundreds of connect requests, some of them might not accept it and the requests keep on piling over time. 

When you have so many pending requests on the list, LinkedIn might get suspicious of your activity. To avoid this, it’s better to keep the list clear.

Though LinkedIn hasn’t mentioned any conditions for pending requests, it’s best to keep the number below 1000. Advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools have features that keep clearing pending requests from time to time. 

5. Use only the right LinkedIn automation tools

If you really want to grow your network faster and reap chances of LinkedIn prospecting faster, start using the best LinkedIn automation tools. 

When you use the right automation tools that perfectly fit your needs, the chances of LinkedIn detection ad account blockage almost slim to zero.


There you have it all! We have mentioned some of the best LinkedIn sales prospecting practices in this blog. 

Keep these tips in mind while using the LinkedIn automation tools for prospecting. The latest automation tools for LinkedIn can be extremely useful when it comes to finding prospects, collecting data about them, and sending them personalized messages for better engagement. 

So, if you are really serious about prospecting and want to generate useful leads out of it, it’s time you use these strategies along with the best automation tools. 


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