LinkedCamp Mobile Application (Coming Soon)

The first-ever LinkedIn automation tool to introduce a mobile application for efficient LinkedIn marketing.

Android APP

Build Networks Without Depending On The Device

LinkedCamp is launching a mobile application that will allow you to run campaigns anytime, anywhere.

Run & Monitor Campaigns Effortlessly

Imagine being able to run and monitor campaigns even when you are traveling on the plane? Sounds amazing!

Well, LinkedCamp is soon going to launch its mobile application that will help you maintain your lead management system effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Connect With Right Prospect At The Right Time

With a mobile application, you don’t need a computer to run campaigns. You won’t be dependent on the device or workplace for LinkedIn marketing.

All the features will be able on the mobile application. You can set up filters and start the process anytime, anywhere.

Track Every Single Step With Just a Few Clicks

Knowing campaign performance is extremely important and with a mobile app, you can analyze data every minute.

It’s quite easier to take your smartphone out of your packet, check analytics, and ensure you are getting the results you need.