Event Management

01. Client's Profile

O EventYoda is an event management company located in the East Bay. They are expert in arranging most energizing team events to revive team spirit. Located in the East Bay, EventYoda has extensive hands-on experience in arranging interesting events including interesting activities. In particular, they are known for arranging great team building events . With multiple clients, EventYoda is already off to a strong start.

02. Client's Challenge

EvenYoda was already great at showing their potential clients how they can help them arrange team building events, but they confronted a challenge of how to outreach effectively. Just like any other startup, they had only a few resources, but LinkedCamp helped them to overcome the challenge of scalability. Their goal was to find a reliable and scalable way that would help them to grow networks and chances of lead generation.

EventYoda also wanted something above and beyond basic functionalities for effective LinkedIn outreaching and LinkedCamp proved to be the ideal automation tool for them.

03. Why LinkedCamp?

LinkedCamp proved to be a strategic choice for EventYoda as it allowed them to streamline their marketing processes and boost their leads funnel. LinkedCamp made it as simple as possible for them to set up and run multiple campaigns targeting different industries. No doubt they could have carried out LinkedIn outreach manually, but it would have taken a lot of time with no satisfying results.

By choosing LinkedCamp, EventYoda not only streamlined their marketing processes but were able to generate a significant number of leads in less time.

04. Role of LinkedCamp In EventYoda's Growth

LinkedCamp proved to be an ideal tool for EventYoda, enabling them to connect with more people, with more accuracy, thus turning LinkedIn into a pipeline of potential customers. This tool helped them to automate their key tasks ensuring a constant flow of leads and ROI coming to their business. With LinkedCamp fueling the fire, EventYoda will definitely keep on growing!

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