Real Estate

01. Client's Story

O FiveWalls is a real estate agency that has been helping people to buy and sell homes for years. They give customers direct access to agents who guide them through the process. The company bridges the gap between home buyers and sellers. It’s a go-to place if you want to hire real estate agents.

They have deep industry knowledge, particular experience, and industry understanding required to deliver ideal results. As a growing real estate agency, they are looking for ways to connect with the maximum number of individuals and companies to grow their network.

02. Client's Challenge

The primary challenge of FiveWalls was to find a sustainable way to introduce potential customers to the company and the way it works. They were using other marketing approaches, which were successful to some extent, but the company needed a solution that would help them grow quickly.

Among all other approaches, LinkedIn was seen as the primary source to generate leads. However, they needed a LinkedIn automation tool that could automate campaigns and enhance LinkedIn outreach without investing a lot of money.

03. Why LinkedCamp?

LinkedCamp was the perfect choice for FiveWalls as it allowed them to generate a sustainable source of leads. They already knew what message they wanted to convey. The real challenge was to find a tool that could help them find the right people, take the right approach, and amplify it.

LinkedCamp, a cloud-based automation tool, helped them to set up and run the campaigns easily. Its efficient and advanced Complex Query Building feature played a particularly important role, providing FiveWalls an efficient filtration system. The tool is also offering mobile applications which mean users can run and monitor campaigns anytime anywhere without any hindrance.

04. FiveWalls Success & Role of LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp helped FiveWalls to set-up result-orienting campaigns and scale their lead generation efforts. The tool gave them flexibility over their marketing campaigns and enabled them to maximize their LinkedIn outreach, thus gearing up the lead generation process. It quickly became a must-have tool for the company which they used to the fullest and boosted their sales funnel.

LinkedCamp proved to be a perfect fit for LinkedIn FiveWalls as it helped them to connect with the right people, bringing a steady flow of leads, and potential new business.

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