Mental Wellness

01. Client's Profile

O WeFocus is a service organization that offers mental healthcare solutions to businesses so that their workers can work without stress and perform tasks more efficiently. Since the foundation of the company, WeFocus has earned a reputation for providing high-quality and effective healthcare solutions while dominating its niche, delivering products to clients in all parts of the UK. Currently, their focus is on the UK market and they are helping clients to generate measurable business value and higher ROI.

02. WeFocus Challenge

WeFocus was facing the same problem as any other business at the stage of growth and evolution—bringing relevant leads that could turn into potential customers.  They wanted to scale their organization by bringing new links and companies into their ecosystem. This means they needed a suitable solution that could help them to reach out to a large number of people and run lead generation campaigns more effectively, catering needs of different areas of business.

03. How LinkedCamp Helped WeFocus?

WeFocus is good at what they do, however, all they needed was a useful marketing automation tool that would allow them to run their marketing campaigns more effectively without the help of a marketing agency. They needed a versatile tool to bring in maximum leads from LinkedIn whether it was by targeting contractors, CEOs, purchasing managers, or other key decision-makers. In particular, WeFocus was trying to find a sustainable way to enhance their LinkedIn campaigns by targeting a variety of audiences.

04. Why LinkedIn Automation

LinkedCamp was a great fit for WeFocus as it allowed them to set up and run campaigns in minutes and connect with people who could potentially benefit their business. Because the tool is a cloud-based solution, it enabled them to run their campaigns with the least effort. At the same time, LinkedCamp also supported multiple campaigns enabling the company to reach the right audience at the right time. 

On top of that, LinkedCamp doesn’t require large investments or training. Employees can easily pick up the process and start the process straight away.

05. WeFocus Growth With LinkedCamp

WeFocus grows by offering customers their software. The real challenge was to find the relevant prospects to get them to sign up for the process. LinkedCamp gave WeFocus an easy way to find relevant people, and introduce them to the software. They knew that LinkedIn was the perfect source to generate leads and chose LinkedCamp that played its role to continue the growth.

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