Super-Efficient Campaign Manager

Run & monitor multiple campaigns with flexibility. Stay focused on your core business tasks and let LinkedCamp do the rest!


Run Multiple Campaigns With Least Effort

Linkedcamp has features to run up to 5 parallel campaigns & get hundreds of leads at your fingertips.

Automates Multiple Campaigns With Ease

LinkedCamp gives your full access and control of your campaign creation process. It can run multiple campaigns automatically and responds and sends follow-up messages to the prospects completely on auto-pilot.

Once you have set your targets, you can use LinkedCamp to create multiple campaigns for various market segments.

Multi Messaging Sequences

LinkedCamp sends personalized messages to your newly added connections. The tool strikes up a conversation with your prospects at scale as well as sends automated follow-ups to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections. 

It only connects with relevant profiles based on what you have to offer. Once the connection requests are accepted, it sends personalized messages such as “Thank You.”

Keeps An Eye On The Campaign Statistics

Analyzing campaign metrics is necessary to better understand the campaign’s performance. LinkedCamp gets key insights with up-to-date prospecting metrics.

LinkedCamp lets you observe stats such as number of profile views, number of connection requests, number of canceled requests, etc. The tool organizes all your results on the dashboard and helps to make data-driven changes.

Automatically Withdraws Pending Invites

Keeping your connection pending list clear is essential to avoid getting restricted by LinkedIn. But clicking the withdraw button hundreds of times is hectic. LinkedCamp does it for you! 

It not only sends connection requests but withdraws sent pending invitations periodically if connections are not showing any interest.

Turns LinkedIn Into a Networking System

It builds meaningful LinkedIn networks faster & easily as well as improves your LinkedIn profile with more endorsements.

Enlists profiles that have accepted connected requests or responded to campaign messages so you can manually follow up. 

Keeps Tracks Of Activities To Avoid Restrictions

It keeps track of everything including the number of connection requests, leads, which campaign they are from, time, etc.

LinkedCamp immediately stops campaign sequence if the conversation is taking place to avoid wrong message sequences and restriction from LinkedIn.

Manage Your Prospects

Scales up your marketing efforts by managing our prospects efficiently. It detects what type of connections you have and provides you their LinkedIn activity details.

Enlists all the prospects that have replied to your campaign and gives you full control to manage them and take steps to turn them into potential customers.

New Level of Personalized Messages

Personal messages drive better engagements and LinkedCamp helps to send multiple connect requests to multiple prospects by merging data fields through the CSV file feature. LinkedCamp has this feature in which you can upload a CSV file and send personalized messages to your prospects.

This feature enables you to send personalized connect notes, messages, (by changing variable fields such as name, job type, industry title, company name, location, etc.) per prospect or multiple prospects at the same time.

  • Provides Personal Touch
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Saves A lot of Time