If you are into marketing, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. You want to maximize your outreach but you don’t have enough time to do things manually. You’re probably working with a number of disparate marketing automation systems: One system to run campaigns and find prospects, another system to track your analytics, and yet another system to integrate CRM(s). Where’s harmony in that?

We are out to change that! With software like LinkedCamp (a cloud-based automation tool), you can create a synergistic series of prospecting processes. Our approach is to make prospecting simpler, easier, and result-oriented. From finding prospects to sending connect requests, messages, and generating leads, you can do everything from one platform. No silos – one tool. It is not magic, yet it’s pretty darn close.

All-in-one Marketing Automation Tool = Better Prospecting

You are present on LinkedIn and you want to enlarge your professional network to make more sales. But are you getting most out of it? If you choose to do prospecting manually, you might be spending a lot of time and energy with no better outcomes.

Doing it manually, you might be able to generate a few leads. But is it enough if you really want to grow your business? And you’ll definitely have a ‘Doh!’ moment when your competitors win all the leads and sales because they had an advanced LinkedIn automation tool at the place. Guess who is still behind?

Here’s another way to look at it. You might be using a LinkedIn automation tool, but you and your team haven’t got any significant results. It might be because the tool doesn’t have right filters to find you the right prospects or it doesn’t function properly, (putting your LinkedIn account on risk than any advantages) or you cannot use it to run multiple campaigns.

Particularly, when you’re a start-up, you already have so much on your plate. Having a tool that would perform all activities; finding prospects, connecting, messaging, lead generation would save you a lot of time to focus on core business activities.

When you focus on core business activities, the results follow.


Our Approach

Users that prefer LinkedCamp, use it because we have designed this tool with an approach to make things easier for them. We’re not here to make $100M revenue in X number of years. We’re here to help you create more business opportunities.

When you start using LinkedCamp, you get access to relevant prospects who are 50% more likely to show interest in your business. You might consider automation a bad idea, but it is here to deliver extraordinary business results. Hear us out!

Easy Subscription & Better Outcomes

As your business grows, you look out for various SaaS products to help you widen the network and manage things smoothly. Each SaaS product comes with its own subscription plans and as a start-up, can you really afford that?

With LinkedCamp, you will get everything in just a few dollars. You can run unlimited campaigns, send unlimited connection requests, use advance filters for successful prospecting, without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Using LinkedCamp

We offer a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that has countless benefits. It’s just not a connecting tool or CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) but a combination of all the automation tools which can help you achieve your marketing objectives. Not only you can run campaigns but see individual results of each campaign and monitor all the steps.

It is 100% safe and secure to use when used with a disciplined approach. LinkedIn monitors your activities and checks how many profiles you have visited, how many connection requests & messages you have sent in a day. If it exceeds the daily limits, LinkedIn may detect automation activity and block your account. However, the safety of your LinkedIn account is a top priority for us, therefore, LinkedCamp has been designed to send connection requests and messages as per LinkedIn’s daily limit. The tool sends connection requests by making random delays, thus LinkedIn cannot detect it.

Moreover, it’s not a chrome extension, but a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. LinkedIn can easily detect chrome extensions. But, with a cloud-based solution, LinkedIn cannot detect your location and activities, thus it’s a better option for most people overall.

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We save your time you’d otherwise spend prospecting

Time saved activities: searching, connecting, messaging, and generating leads are absolutely the best things about LinkedCamp. It saves you 80% of your marketing time. All the activities will take place automatically as you schedule them.

Ask any B2B professional or marketers who had run a successful start-up, a few questions:

  • How many marketing automation tools they used to scale their outreach?
  • What were the issues that led them towards these tools?
  • How often they changed the tools before they finally found the best LinkedIn automation tool?
  • How much time were they able to save using LinkedIn automation tools?

The point is that a well-designed marketing automation tool performs certain activities much better, ultimately adding value to your business. It saves them a lot of time which they can use focusing on core business activities. Moreover, it costs so much less money than you spend otherwise on sales and marketing operations teams.

Affordable & Easy-to-use

One misconception about marketing automation tools is that they are very complex systems and expensive. However, opposite to misconception, it is simple to use and costs you only a few dollars- yes, that’s LinkedCamp. If you have a problem, it is very simple and easy to contact us.

One of the biggest problems of SaaS start-ups is that they chant a perfectly polished pitch. One that only puts your best foot forward.  Crap!

Users, today, are very smart – they don’t want a dog-and-pony show. If they are going to get your services, they want to know everything about the SAAS product inside and out; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With LinkedCamp, everything is transparent. The features, subscription tools functioning, and everything. Though it’s a cloud-based tool, it is only effective and secure when you use it with a safe and disciplined approach.


If you want to know more about what LinkedCamp is and how it works, the best way to do it is to register your account. You have come this far – let’s move ahead? Sign up now!

LinkedCamp can help you accelerate your lead generation efforts and can get you hundreds of hot leads daily. Our subscription models are very cost-effective, and the outcomes of our tools make it worth a shot!

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