When it comes to integrating LinkedIn automation tools into business workflows, there are two schools of thought: some people fear automation because they think automation is spammy and taking over the human force. On the other hand, a number of businesses have invested in automation tools because they believe automation doesn’t take over the human force but makes complicated things easier for humans.

LinkedIn Automation for Businesses

From maximizing outreach to speeding up business workflows, running worry-free campaigns, increase productivity and ROI, 78% of the businesses are using automation tools one way or the other.

B2B marketers who have integrated marketing automation tools into their business processes have experienced a 12% increase in their sales pipeline. So, if you think automation is spammy, it might be because you were using chrome extensions.

Want to know about the safest way to generate leads on LinkedIn without getting your account blocked? The answer is “ 

Keep reading! This guide is meant to teach you why advanced cloud based LinkedIn automation tools are best to generate leads safely.

Before we talk about advanced cloud-based automation, let’s talk about the problems with chrome-based automation tools.

Why it is risky to use chrome extensions for lead generation?

Recently, LinkedIn blocked many users’ profiles after detecting their automation activity. Most of the users were using chrome extensions for lead generation on Linked In. Such tools often give rise to the following problems:


❎ Unsafe IP Addresses

❎ Can’t run campaigns 24/7

❎ No Safety Limits

❎ Do not mimic human behavior

❎ No personalization

A major problem with the chrome-based tools is that they don’t take LinkedIn safety limits into account while running campaigns. These tools are a bit too enthusiastic when it comes to sending connection requests and messages to prospects. They spam every prospect they find on LinkedIn.

Of course, LinkedIn will never allow you to create and spammy atmosphere. It has a very smart algorithm that immediately detects the irregularity in your account activity and blocks or restricts the user profile.

LinkedIn Automation and GDPR

Recently, LinkedIn has become very active against spam. One reason behind this is the arrival of GDPR. According to GDPR, every platform, big or small, is responsible for protecting the private data of its users.

Chrome-based automation tools are data scrapers that are against GDPR. They don’t take inbuilt safety limits into account and send templated messages to every prospect coming their way. What happens next? LinkedIn gets suspicious about your account activity and sends you a warning or bans your account.

As a B2B marketer, business owner, or any other professional, you can’t put afford to put your account at risk, right? So, what’s the solution? Contrary to the chrome extension, cloud based LinkedIn automation tools designed via cloud-based technology are safe to generate leads on LinkedIn.

Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation- The safest way to generate leads on LinkedIn

Cloud based LinkedIn automation is safe because it comes with built-in features that make it difficult for LinkedIn to detect that you are using automation tools. LinkedIn can easily detect chrome extensions because they not only send non-stop connect requests and messages but send template messages to prospects resulting in spam.

On the other hand, the latest cloud based LinkedIn automation tools come with features that let users send highly-personalized messages to only relevant prospects. The tools add a touch of personalization to messages and mimic human behavior. This way, LinkedIn cannot detect the activity of a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool.

Unlike chrome extensions, advanced cloud based LinkedIn automation tools can run campaigns 24/7 without any monitoring. You don’t need to stick by your computer screen all the time. The purpose of automation is to make human jobs less complicated, easier, and fast and cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools truly serve the purpose.

Though it’s still automation and one should keep checking after some time, the best cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools can perform activities flawlessly while you sleep, party, or travel.

Benefits of Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation

  1. Safety

As a B2B marketer, your first and foremost concern would be the safety of your account. No one can afford to put their fully established LinkedIn account at risk and that’s what the advanced LinkedIn automation tools have been designed for.

With these tools, you don’t need to worry about your account because cloud based LinkedIn automation is 100% safe, and you can run campaigns with a complete sense of relaxation. Since you constantly jump from one IP to another, LinkedIn will ask you to verify your identity. Thus, the best cloud based LinkedIn automation tools gives you dedicated IP addresses which make it difficult for LinkedIn to track.

  1. Inbuilt Safety Limits

One major reason why cloud based LinkedIn automation tools are difficult to detect is that they never violate LinkedIn safety limits. With these tools, you can set specific action limits to fix the number of connect requests and messages you want to send per day.

Moreover, cloud based LinkedIn automation tools don’t send connection requests and messages all the time, but after regular intervals to mimic human behavior.

  1. Time Zones

Another reason why chrome extensions are not safe to use is that they don’t take time zones into account while running campaigns. They even send connect requests on weekends and holidays. LinkedIn is very smart! It knows that humans often don’t work on weekends and holidays or during the night.

While cloud based LinkedIn automation tools come with advanced features that let you schedule campaigns and time intervals when you want to run campaigns.


LinkedIn has become a bonanza for B2B marketers, business owners, and every other professional out there. If you really want to leverage the potential of this platform to generate more leads and sales, you need to be very cautious before choosing a LinkedIn automation tool. To minimize the chance to have your account shut down, advanced cloud based LinkedIn automation is the best option for you.

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