LinkedIn Will Bring You the Right Leads…The Stats Don’t Lie

LinkedIn is the number platform to generate leads, and statistics prove that: It is 67% ahead of Twitter which comes second as a lead generation platform.

The same stats also show that LinkedIn generates 300% more leads than Facebook.

Guide About Lead Generation

Recent social media statistics have shown that 45% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn for lead generation.

These stats show that this platform isn’t just good for brand awareness and lead generation – it’s the best.

From maximizing outreach to generating hundreds of hot leads, LinkedIn is the staple of any marketing funnel.

The best thing is that you don’t need to invest in getting a lead compared to other advertising networks. LinkedIn offers plenty of ways to generate leads and a couple of LinkedIn automation tools that make the process easier.


In this guide, we’ll dig into:

Why LinkedIn is good for Lead Generation

Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

  • Create an Attractive LinkedIn Profile for Engagement
  • Use Engaging Content
  • Engage and Build Relationships

But first… a little introduction to LinkedIn

Currently, there are more than 660 million active users on LinkedIn, making it the largest LinkedIn professional platform.

Executives of the Fortune 500 from all around the world are on LinkedIn.

More than 60 million CEOs, 40 million B2B marketers, and almost 50 million decision-makers are present on this platform.

A recent survey has shown that B2B marketers and CEOs open their LinkedIn at least once daily. Armed with the right strategy and LinkedIn automation tools, you can easily move them down the leads funnel and create maximum business opportunities.

B2B marketers

Why is LinkedIn good for Lead Generation?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for lead generation because it is a bottomless well of decision-makers with buying power.

More than 20% of users have the power to make a purchasing decision. It is the most widely used social platform by the Fortune 500. So, there’s a good chance that your target audience might be under your nose.

Its users are very active

LinkedIn has more than half a billion users, and more than half of them (337 million to be exact) open their LinkedIn daily. That means people take this platform seriously, and chances are that there could be a lot of potential leads to engage with daily.

b2b social media pyramid of linkedcamp

LinkedIn Lead Generation Is Effective

LinkedIn has more than 150+ decision-makers who have the power to make decisions quickly. A content marketing blog run on this platform showed that 85% of the B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Converts More Leads for Less

Compared to paid ads and campaigns, the cost per lead is nearly free on LinkedIn. Instead of investing high in advertising, ads, and other social media platforms, you could use LinkedIn to find and nurture leads.

HubSpot used LinkedIn Sponsored Content to aggregate all of their customers’ results. They found out that their conversion rate doubled as compared to google ads which also have a higher cost-per-click.

social network

Top 3 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Your Conversion Rate

  1. Create an Attractive LinkedIn Profile for Engagement

It is crucial to understand that each profile targeted by your campaign would visit back your profile. You must have a completely up-to-date profile captivating enough to catch their attention.

This is especially important for B2B marketers and startups who are looking forward to generating leads.

You must add a capitative picture and proper background picture, so people trust your profile and connect without any second thoughts.

A good profile picture can make your prospects click on your profile and check it for a while.

Moreover, You must add authentic and comprehensive information about your education, experience, job or business titles, professional achievement, etc.

Therefore, use attractive yet professional profile pictures, an equally remarkable cover photo, and a memorable headline. These are the first things that appear when people search for specific keywords.

Here is a great example of a perfect LinkedIn profile:

a perfect LinkedIn profile

Use an attractive headline

When people search for you on LinkedIn, your profile picture and the headline is something that they see first. If you mention relevant keywords and mention what you are into, chances are that people will click on your profile.

Most people make a common mistake. They add their company name in their headlines which is a mistake. You need to add some useful information such as your interests or your position.

This is useful when businesses use marketing automation tools to find the right prospects. You must add some keywords that people add to search boxes when looking for prospects like you.

In the given profile, the person has used the keywords “SEO” and “Content Manager.” So when someone puts these queries into the search box, the profile will show up.

LinkedIn Profile

Don’t forget to optimize

The potential of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t just limited to search engines.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile means filling out all the account information that is SEO friendly so that it is fully optimized for searches.

Are you a content marketer? Or does your profile have digital marketing services?

If so, add keywords like ‘B2B marketing’, ‘digital marketing, or other relevant keywords that would result in higher-quality traffic.

Let’s say you are a content writer and you live in California. You can use the long-tail keyword “content writer in Chicago.” This, in turn, will create more business opportunities for you by connecting you with potential clients.

Once you have decided on keywords, use them perfectly in your title and summary.
Use these keywords in your profile summary to create a direct connection with the visitors.

Maximize your profile visibility

To ensure that your LinkedIn profile gets full reviews, it’s imperative to understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works. The best way to understand it is to be active on the platform. Being active in groups, liking others’ comments, and endorsing others’ skills can help to boost your visibility.

Many B2B marketers and businesses use automation tools to enhance their profile visibility. To use such safely on LinkedIn, you must be familiar with the platform’s algorithm.

For instance, LinkedIn will detect you easily if you use a marketing automation tool that doesn’t take inbuilt safety limits into account and sends irregular friend requests or messages.

Moreover, you can also use other techniques, such as tagging and hashtags, to maximize your profile visibility.

  1. Use Engaging Content

Another best strategy to make your LinkedIn profile more discoverable is posting high-quality, relevant, and original content on LinkedIn. You could position your authority and build a great reputation as an industry leader by posting relevant content on LinkedIn. Accompany your content with factual data, graphics, catchy videos, statistics, and presentations. Don’t always post promotional content.

It is important to post useful content on LinkedIn because senior-level executives and CEOs like to read the latest and authentic content that would help them in their business. They are not interested in redundant and low-quality posts, which are nothing but a waste of time. You must write content that intrigues the readers to read further.

According to research, people tend to read ‘How” and ‘How to” posts because such posts add curiosity.

How” and ‘How to” posts

In the end, you could use a CTA or link to your website, so if anyone is impressed by the content, they click on the button to get further details.

  1. Engage and Build Relationships

Engaging with the ideal prospects on LinkedIn is the key component for success. Engaging with the right prospects is the first thing to building new relationships.

Searching, connecting, and engaging with prospects is simple if you have the right LinkedIn automation tools. The latest LinkedIn automation tools will help you set up effective campaigns. Use a LinkedIn automation tool to create a sequence, customize your settings, set the limits for your LinkedIn profile visit, connect requests, messages, follow-ups, etc., so you don’t violate LinkedIn ToS.

You can target a specific group of people by setting up campaigns. The best thing about LinkedCamp is that it offers very precise targeting options. Using the right LinkedIn automation tools and strategies, you can laser-target the people who can benefit your business. When creating a campaign, write a highly personalized message to your audience.

Personalization has become very important in the digital landscape because it boosts response and conversion rates by 70%.
People like it when you address them directly and make them feel important. So, make sure you send highly personalized messages using LinkedIn automation tools.

Consider using marketing automation to generate leads on LinkedIn

B2B marketing automation is booming because it helps to reach the right prospects and generate qualified leads present on LinkedIn.

80% of marketers believe LinkedIn is the most effective platform to generate the best leads.

48% of B2B marketers have acknowledged that LinkedIn has helped them quickly acquire hundreds of hot leads.

Linkedcamp b2b

Almost 75% of B2B marketers and lead generation agencies have integrated marketing automation tools to automate their workflows and generate leads faster.


A simple answer is that marketing automation tools can perform repetitive and complex tasks more efficiently and quickly. They can run powerful campaigns that will bring you hundreds of hot leads in a very short time.

You might think marketing automation is spammy. However, the truth is that it is very rewarding if used with a disciplined approach.

  • Use a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool to generate leads safely.
  • Use LinkedCamp to generate smart leads.
  • LinkedIn is a cloud-based automation tool running campaigns to generate qualified leads.

It provides dedicated IP addresses, so the chances of LinkedIn detection are zero. Moreover, it runs campaigns 24/7 and doesn’t require personal monitoring.

It can search, visit, connect, send messages, and engage with prospects completely on auto-pilot. The tool comes with highly advanced features useful for effective lead generation.

How do you run a campaign on LinkedCamp?

Here is how you can run an effective campaign on LinkedCamp:

Starting the Campaign

Click on the blue “New Campaign” button at the top right corner of the page.

Paste LinkedIn Search URL

The first page that appears gives you three options. You can start your LinkedIn lead generation process at this step by putting your LinkedIn URL.

Put your LinkedIn search URL as shown in the image.

Use Advanced Filters

Once you select your LinkedIn account, a page with different filtering options will appear.

You can use a specific keyword and select the connection type, profile language, location, and industry type.

You can also add a specific first name, last name, title, company, or school.

Create a Sequence

When you’re done with filters, the next step is to create a sequence. The page displays four options

like this:

Here you get four options:

  1. Engage With LinkedIn Profiles
  2. Send Connect requests
  3. LinkedIn message
  4. InMail

Once you have created the campaign sequence, click “Next” on the top right side.

  1. Set the campaign title and check the campaign preview to ensure everything is right.
  2. Click “start campaign.”

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to generating qualified leads.

With LinkedCamp campaigns, you’ll be able to:

  • Search and connect only with the right prospects
  • Send highly personalized messages
  • Improve reply rate
  • Generate smart leads
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Import leads’ data
  • Create an effective marketing strategy


Checklist & Takeaways

  • Engagement starts with a good profile so work on it first
  • Use keywords to maximize your visibility
  • Create content that your audience loves
  • Use personalized approaches to grab prospects’ attention
  • Use LinkedCamp to maximize your acceptance and response rate

And that’s a wrap

Before you start the lead generation process, make sure you use the right strategy and the right LinkedIn automation tools to accompany your efforts.

Generating B2B leads doesn’t have to be that hard. LinkedCamp is one of the safest and best ways to find valuable prospects and run highly personalized outreach campaigns for them. Get started with LinkedCamp’s 7-day free trial today and use our features to do successful outreach.

Above all, you must have a deep understanding of the LinkedIn lead generation process and a well-thought strategy at hand before launching an outreach campaign.

Ready to launch your first automated outreach campaign on LinkedIn?