There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy in any type of marketing. However, when it comes to driving speedy results, growth hacking tools and strategies have proved to be the best solution.

When someone hears the term ‘growth hacking,’ it sounds very odd and different to them. Though people think it’s a new thing that has been introduced in the market, the truth is that it’s been there for a while now. If you are familiar with SEO and have used it to improve your Google ranking, you’d already know about growth hacking.

Consider SEO as a growth hack for your website ranking and the tools which are used in the process are known as growth hacking tools. Growth hacking is especially useful for startups, small businesses, and the eCommerce industry who need to put a lot of effort to enhance their online presence and grow their businesses.

But what exactly is growth hacking? How does the growth hacking tool work? We are going to answer these questions more extensively in this article. Keep on reading:

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking also called growth marketing is the process of using cost-effective digital marketing tactics or tools to help businesses grow, gain maximum exposure, create a larger customer base, and earn maximum ROI. Think of advanced growth hacking tools just like life hacks which make your life simpler and easier. These tools are also used to streamline business processes and make them simpler and easier for better growth.

Most commonly, the latest growth hacking tools are used for small businesses and startups; companies that don’t have the amount of cash to spend on brand awareness. Using advanced growth hacking tools is the best idea to enhance your growth and retention of an active customer base.

There are no specific rules when it comes to using growth hacking tools. Instead, you just make a strategy, choose a tool, and make your own rules that can best serve your potential customer base.

Growth hackers mostly use the latest growth hacking tools to test the latest product development and marketing trends so they can closely observe their competitors and steal their customers. You can use free growth hacking tools for any type of business; however, this marketing approach is particularly useful for eCommerce.

Why so? This is because your greatest asset is your mind and your knowledge. Your competitors cannot replicate the knowledge that you share with your audience.

What is Growth Hacking Tools?

Growth hackers use specific tools and software that are known as ‘growth hacking tools.’ These tools are only meant for the true growth of a business and anything they do is scanned by their potential impact on business growth.

The best growth hacking tools are the ones that follow a disciplined approach, collect important customer data, and help to create result-oriented growth hacking strategies. The more efficient these tools are, the more likely they are going to bring scalable results to your business. 

How Do Growth Hacking Tools Work?

A growth hacking tool simply works by collecting relevant data about your target audience which you can use to your benefit. The foundation of every successful business today is collecting data and you can use growth hacking to set this foundation.

It all depends on how you use them to your benefit. The growth hacking tools 2020 are used to scale your marketing and product-development efforts so you get better results. The best growth hacking tools work flawlessly; you just need to use it with a disciplined approach.

Benefits of Growth Hacking Tools

More ROI

When you use the data to make better business decisions, you can easily see which of your strategy is working better than the others. A growth hacking tool will help you make different growth hacking strategies and you will analyze which strategy works best for you. You must stick with the one that provides customer acquisition and leave those that don’t. Better Business decisions mean, better performance, and better performance means better ROI.


Every business wants to improve its online presence and they use different tactics to achieve their goals. They invest a lot of money in marketing teams and this often leads to slow progress. If you want to maximize your brand awareness in less time, money, and with minimum effort, growth hacking tools are the best options for you. You just need to invest in the best growth hacking tool that best suits your business needs,  and it will provide you with quick results.


It is very simple and easy to set up and use the best growth hacking tools by a single person, or team. It doesn’t require an entire marketing or sales team to execute them. These tools are best to rapidly increase brand awareness ad to generate new business opportunities with fewer resources.

The main function of the advanced growth hacking tools is to focus on the primary metrics. In other words, they let your focus exclusively on scaling your businesses quickly through customer acquisition, web traffic, virality, and social media activities.

Why Is Growth Hacking Important?

Many small businesses and startups, especially those who have started their eCommerce businesses, don’t have always enough money to invest in paid social media campaigns, paid advertisements, a number of marketing tools, and other expensive measures. The best growth hacking tools eliminate the need to spend a lot of money on different tactics and give you the opportunity to use one single tool that does all the work on its own.

Consider your own bottom line. Do you have deep pockets that large organizations can reach into when they want to make new customers? Most probably not. That’s why you need the best growth hacking tools for better brand awareness.


Growth hacking tools come in very handy re-wire the marketing strategies for better visibility. However, keep in mind that there is no perfect strategy for growth-hacking.  If you have a start-up and thinking of creating a growth hacking strategy, choose top growth hacking tools 2020 to experience rapid and sustainable growth.

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