LinkedIn automation has become the new buzzword in the marketing world. Everyone wants to automate their lead generation process because, honestly, it makes things easier and quicker.

Talk about lead generation and it is one of those first things that come into mind. It’s everywhere now and all for the right reasons. 🙌

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ve probably heard of advanced LinkedIn automation and how valuable it is for lead generation in 2021. And why not?

It can save your days, if not weeks, of doing hectic tasks like messaging prospects to scale social selling efforts.

Imagine not having to face the hassle of sending messages to thousands of leads one by one because there are tools like LinkedCamp that can send personalized messages to prospects without you lifting a finger?

Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, stop imagining because it has become a reality.

Now you’d be thinking how is this possible! Will I need to integrate LinkedIn automation tools to do the job? Are they safe to use? Will LinkedIn ban me from using automation? 🤔

Don’t worry! You have just landed on the most comprehensive and practical guide on how to set up an automated LinkedIn messaging campaign with the help of some automation tools.

Here is the overall breakdown of the topics I’ll be covering in this blog:

  • Why is LinkedIn great for personalized outreach?
  • Why Personalization is important to boost interaction?
  • Best Practices to send automated personalized messages with LinkedCamp
  • Try to get personalized intro lines for each prospect
  • How this personalization hack is useful for LinkedCampers…
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Extract a List of Leads
  • Why Use LinkedIn to Run Personalized Campaign?
  • Conclusion

Let’s get started. 

Why Is LinkedIn Great For Personalized Outreach?

LinkedIn is booming and there’s no doubt about it. Over the years, it has transformed from a platform used for finding jobs to being the largest social media platform. Today, it has a user base of 870 million+ prospects coming from types of industries and all walks of life. This is a superb place for all sorts of outreach. 😎

In fact, this platform is the most used channel by B2B marketers for lead generation. More than 79% of B2B marketers use this platform for lead generation and 80% of the B2B leads come from LinkedIn. (Source).

So it’s kind of a big deal.

With that said, LinkedIn is absolutely the go-to platform to find and connect with the best B2B leads.

However, connecting is just one thing, making the prospects go down the B2B leads funnel is a different ball game. You can’t just make leads out of every profile that comes into the way.
You need to find the right people in the ocean of all types of prospects and must have the right LinkedIn strategy at hand.

There are countless case studies of B2B marketers and SaaS organizations that have used LinkedIn personalized outreach to achieve incredible results.

Why is Personalization Important to Boost Interaction on LinkedIn?

One of the most useful and incredibly effective ways to scale LinkedIn outreach efforts on LinkedIn is to send personalized messages. The strategy works great to get the attention of the potential prospects on LinkedIn. 

But what exactly is personalization for LinkedIn outreach?

When someone pours out the word ‘personalization,’ most people think of just dropping someone’s name in a cut-and-dried template without including specific details about the prospect’s personality or anything. Such tricks don’t work anymore…

The truth is that personalization on LinkedIn has become much more advanced and modern B2B marketers need to catch up.

If you send the same, old, templated messages to prospects, you will see the lowest acceptance and response rate. You can’t make people interact with you with the pre-made templates or default messages that they receive every day.

Today, prospects look for messages that speak directly to them and address their problems. They are willing to connect with someone who understands their problems. They want to be heard and understood properly and want you to provide a solution accordingly.

If you want to make meaningful connections, enlarge your networks, generate qualified leads, or increase your repute as a B2B marketer, you need to adopt a more personalized LinkedIn outreach strategy.

Now that you know how important personalized outreach is, it’s important to move to the next step which is about how you can set up a successful automated personalized campaign.

Best Practices to Send Automated Personalized Messages With LinkedCamp

If you want to stand out in the ocean of LinkedIn prospects, you really need to begin with personalizing your messages.

There are three types of LinkedIn messages that you can send to your prospects:

  1. Connect notes
  2. Messages
  3. InMails

When crafting these messages, sprinkling their first and last name isn’t just enough. It’s a cliché at that point!

You need to go the extra mile to include something unique in your messages.

  1. Personalized Tags

When automating messages on LinkedIn, you can start with different personalization tags that will directly be addressing the person you’re reaching out to.






Dynamic Placeholders 

You might be familiar with these tags except Dynamic Placeholders. It’s a custom tag introduced by LinkedCamp. You can create a customized placeholder and it will show up at the bottom of each message you’re sending to an individual.

It will come out different for different types of audiences, depending on who your target audience is and who you’re addressing.

To incorporate all other tags, LinkedCamp simply has a CSV file feature that adds variables to each message based on their first/last name, job title, company name, industry type, etc.

  1. Choose Your Strategy

I am going to get you into a very simple yet important secret…

“LinkedIn personalization strategy is all about connecting with the right people, sending them the right message at the right time.”

Most marketers skip this step but the success of your campaigns greatly depends on who you target and what content you send to them.

Here are the two most effective ways I tried with LinkedIn to make an automated campaign a success.

  1. Targeting LinkedIn Posts

I used LinkedCamp to find out a post about B2B marketing growth hacks and landed on a post where people were discussing the B2B growth hacks. A number of people liked and commented on this post, so it was a perfect point, to begin with. I copied the post URL, pasted it into LinkedCamp, and ran a campaign for those who engaged with that post.

Results: 70% acceptance rate and 35% response rate. 💪

  1. Targeting With Custom Images/GIFs

It’s a scientific fact that people are more responsive to visual things. This worked really great for us when we experimented with sending custom images and GIFs to prospects with LinkedCamp’s Hyperise feature.  With this feature, users can easily send custom images/GIFs that resonate with the prospect’s interests or anything related to their profile.

This is such a useful hack that can take you light years ahead of your competitors. Try this hack and you’ll see your acceptance rate, reply rate, and positive response rate like never before.

Still, feel limited by the personalization hacks mentioned above?

Don’t be. There is another hack that can definitely take your personalization efforts to the next level.

  1. Try to get personalized intro lines for each prospect

What is

Lyne is an AI-powered automation tool that generates hundreds of personalized intro lines in just one click. Instead of crafting messages for each prospect manually, you can simply get personalized intro lines for every single message.

How does it work?

With Lyne, you can get thousands of personalized introductory lines based on the prospect’s industry type, work history, or love for cats.

All you have to do is to upload an already prepared CSV file, and the tool will throw it in the little robotic hands of the AI blender. Minutes later, you will have a personalized intro line for each prospect that will be used as a merged tag in each message.

It will look something like this:

“Hi {{firstName}}, {{intro}}..”

How this personalization hack is useful for LinkedCampers…

All the users who want to add personal details of prospects can take advantage of this tool.

According to surveys, prospects are more likely to respond to those messages that include personal details about them. Thus, with, they can write personalized messages, so their first interaction is highly targeted, relevant, and personalized.

But how does it work?

Here is how users can take advantage of both these tools to make their outreach campaign successful.


  1. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Extract List of Leads

As a B2B marketer who relies on LinkedIn for lead generation, you must be familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You need a list of the right prospects to send them perfect messages and for that, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can use highly advanced filters to find out the right prospects. You can extract 2500 people in one go.

Once you have found the prospects, you need a solution that can extract your sales navigator leads into a CSV file. Here enters LinkedCamp.

This CSV file will contain all the data including ‘first name’ ‘last name’ ‘company name’ ‘email addresses and ‘profile URL.

How to upload a CSV file into

To upload the CSV file to get personalized intro lines, simply sign in to

  1. Select ‘What types of lines you want’ based on your requirements.
  2. You can select different ‘Advance settings’ to get customized lines.
  3. Once done, upload your CSV file containing prospect data.
  4. Your lines will be ready in a few minutes and you’ll be notified through your email address.
  5. You will have unique lines for every single prospect.

You can use these customized lines to run a successful personalized messaging campaign.

Plenty of users who have already tried running a campaign using these tools have got excellent outcomes.


75% acceptance rate
40% response rate

Why Use LinkedIn to Run Personalized Campaign?

There are so many LinkedIn automation tools in the market that you can use to run campaigns but the problem is that most of them are chrome extensions which are not really safe.
You need a solution that

  • is Cloud-based runs 24/7
  • Provides dedicated IPs
  • Offers API access
  • Provides advanced proxy settings
  • Have special personalization features
  • Run 100% safe campaigns

And you have it all with LinkedCamp – the site you’re on.😉 It’s a   that comes with advanced features to run hyper-personalized campaigns to get you outstanding results.


By now, you’ve understood why personalization is so valuable for running a LinkedIn outreach campaign successfully.

You can use all the personalization practices mentioned above.
Every day, you can find ideal prospects using LinkedCamp. Use CSV file features and Hyperise integration to create and send unique messages. You can also use templates provided by our tool to edit and send to the prospects.
However, if you’re not satisfied with that, you can always use to create highly personalized intro lines and then plug them into your campaign to get excellent results.

If that’s something you’re interested in, Sign up LinkedCamp or book a 7-day free trial now!