“You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit.” While many users remain unbothered by this new update, it is quite upsetting for others.

Since March 2021, people have been receiving a new weekly invitation limits notification for how many connect requests they can send in a week.

If these words sound familiar to you, chances are that you have become a victim of the latest LinkedIn restrictions.

Your Account is Under New Weekly Invitation Limits

Prior to these restrictions, there was no particular restriction on LinkedIn invites. However, since March, many users started complaining that they have started getting a popup every week after about 100 connection requests.

LinkedIn support stated that the platform has introduced the new invite limits to control spam by capping the invites by about 100 invites/week.

Though not all LinkedIn users are facing these restrictions, it seems like LinkedIn is just testing this new update and it’s a matter of time before they are implemented on all.

Why LinkedIn Has Proposed New Restrictions

LinkedIn has introduced these new limits to eliminate and control the spam on its platform. Just like any other social media platform, it wants to keep the platform spam-free and transparent for the users.

Though the platform is free but may not be unlimited. The platform wants people to connect with a few but relevant people on the basis of a more personalized approach.

When you receive the ‘Weekly Invites Limits’ notifications, it reads:

“You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit. Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.”

LinkedIn definitely cares about the standards and quality of the platform that’s why it keeps updating the rules of the game. It wants to restrict users from performing overactivity, especially those who use advanced LinkedIn automation tools for scraping data.

While this seems to be a good step to control spam, there are many users who are badly affected by this new update.

New Weekly Invite Limits – A Challenge for Marketers, Recruiters, and Sales Professionals

Marketers, recruiters, and other business professionals who rely on LinkedIn for leads have victims of LinkedIn’s ever-changing victims.

It’s not just LinkedIn’s new weekly invitation limits but LinkedIn has been introducing new updates since 2020 and a lot of users are complaining.

These marketers run outreach campaigns on LinkedIn to find ideal prospects and generate leads. But the new LinkedIn algorithm and limits are driving them crazy.

They believe that LinkedIn is a free platform where professionals can easily connect with each other and generate new business opportunities. 100 connection requests per week are not just enough. Thus, LinkedIn shouldn’t restrict its users by limiting the invites.

But don’t worry! LinkedCamp is here to rescue.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can use LinkedCamp’s amazing features and some useful strategies to get beyond these new limits.

Let’s start.

  1. By Sending Email Invites

This is by far the most effective way to get beyond the new LinkedIn limits.

On LinkedIn, there are more than 830 million prospects and most of them have provided theme emails and other contact information.

You can use the email addresses to connect with the prospects instead of sending them invites directly.

According to marketing research, marketers and sales professionals check their email daily so there are good chances that connecting through emails works great.

How LinkedCamp help to send invites through email?

This cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool collects the email addresses of prospects and sends them invites through email. This way, your weekly quota remains safe and you can use it to send invites to those who haven’t provided email addresses.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or subscribe to different tools when you can do it all with just one tool.

  1. Get Connect Requests From Others

If you’re someone who is affected by LinkedIn’s new weekly invite limit and can’t send enough invites, you can work on your content marketing strategy to receive invites from others.

Why is content marketing useful?

With great content, you can establish a great reputation on LinkedIn. Share attractive and relevant posts in your feed and relevant groups. With your content, you’ve got a chance to impress prospects. As more people engage with your content, they’re more likely to send you to connect requests.

To get people’s attention, share relevant content including interesting videos, questions, infographics, surveys, and other such things. Join LinkedIn groups and participate more. Try to interact with people and you’ll definitely get a number of connection requests.

  1. Use InMails

InMails is a service provided by LinkedIn to send messages to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections directly without connecting with them. You can use InMails to convey your message to ideal prospects.

However, there is a drawback: you get a few InMails in your free account. Even if you have a premium account, InMails are not enough to increase your network.

But don’t worry! LinkedCamp has a solution for you. With this tool, you cannot only send invites through email, but it also provides 50+ InMails per day to help you reach your ideal prospects easily.


LinkedIn is great for networking and lead generation; however, its new restrictions are putting many marketers into the box. Businesses that rely on this platform for leads can’t grow with 100 invites per week.

It means they can only reach 100 people in a whole week and then wait for the next week till these limits reset. This will drastically impact their outreach efforts and business growth.

But when there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. We have provided some great solutions to help you work around these new limits. If this sounds like something interesting, you can always test LinkedCamp’s features by getting a 7-day free trial.