Linkedin Automation Tool

1. Find your ideal target audience

Targeting the right prospects on LinkedIn is as important as brand building. Find your ideal customers on auto-pilot in the most efficient way using our advance filters. LinkedCamp offers an advanced search filtering system ‘Complex Query Builder’ to help you extract the right prospects while you stay focused on core business tasks.

2. Create Multiple Campaign Sequence

Manage multiple campaigns using one fully integrated LinkedIn automation tool. Not only you can manage multiple campaigns but also create campaign sequences: connect requests, personalized messages, follow-ups, and InMails. You can also set when to send a message or a follow up after the previous step in the campaign sequence.

3. Optimize to Drive even stronger results

LinkedCamp not only runs campaigns but provides you key metrics, monitor campaigns progress, and provides data on the dashboard so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly to boost conversion rate. It evaluates campaign performance to better understand connection volumes, and campaign insights to help you make smarter decisions.