bypass the linkedin limitation

You might find yourself with an alert message about reaching your weekly LinkedIn connection limit. However, this should not alarm you – there are ways around it. 

Normally, you would have to wait around a week for LinkedIn to let you send more requests. You can lose a lot of valuable lead generation and contacts waiting around, though.

This is exactly what we have LinkedIn automation tools for.

The Reason Behind Weekly LinkedIn Connection Limit

LinkedIn resets each week. You can only send about 100 invitations; you will get a warning if you reach the limitation. This was also introduced to help reduce spam, and the feature was not always there on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has recently come up with many more guidelines and restrictions. Additionally, before this limit, it was possible to send  700-800 connections each week. The original restriction reduced it to 100 connections; however, in 2021, the LinkedIn connection limit was raised to 200 connections every week.

This restriction, in particular, harms many workers because it bars them from chasing any client. They might see a job that they are perfectly fit for and may miss the window of opportunity due to the connection limit. This ultimately kills your lead generation or impacts it negatively. While it proved to be a lot of trouble during its introduction, there are now convenient and simple hacks you can use to get around it. 

There are also a few other solutions worth looking at, and we will go over them in this article. 

How to send 100+ invites with LinkedCamp

With LinekdCamp, you can still escape the restrictions of limited connection requests – there is a whole process.

LinkedCamp is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you generate lead campaigns with high performance and helps aid your LinkedIn experience. You can create a free account and use the 14 Days FREE Trial; all you need to do to sign up is enter your email. 

LinkedCamp has a warm-up feature for new accounts that is completely automatic; it sends requests at a slow pace and then starts to increase that number once your account is running. You can keep your weekly quota managed like this and only use it for people who do not have an email account in their profile.

LinkedIn is also free of any risks because the tool works by sending connection requests after a random delay is made after an automated campaign is finished. This stops LinkedIn from detecting it and keeps your data hidden.

While there are many solutions to the connection limit issue that users face, LinkedCamp is one of the safest and most useful tools – it not only lets you bypass LinkedIn connection limit, but it helps you do a lot more.

bypass LinkedIn limitation

Open Profiles

Another way to get around the LinkedIn connection limit is to open profiles, as you can send unlimited emails to these accounts. You also do not need to be connected to an Open Profile to interact with. 


You can also use groups and events to help connect with other leads on LinkedIn. 

You can join a group related to your product or service or the industry you work in. 

Once you get into these groups, you can interact with them to build connections with potential prospects – there are many of these, and they are worth checking out.

You can also create groups on LinkedIn out of the connections you already have. You can also add members from groups you have already joined. Sending out personalized invites can lead to new prospects and connections.


You can also use events and host them to get more exposure when the  LinkedIn connection limit is not letting you. It also shows that you are an active member. You must go to the Events Menu and click on the plus icon to create events.

You can do a lot more than just host – get creative and customize your event and insert keywords you want to attract the right kind of prospects. 

5 Top-performing Tips for Preventing Weekly LinkedIn Connection Limit

Avoid Spam

It is not a good strategy to send out random invites as it lowers your value on the platform. The favorable answers of your connections were formerly used as input into the LinkedIn connection request algorithm. Therefore, it is crucial for you to send connection requests only to the people you have known or the people who are somewhat associated with your field of service. LinkedCamp is one of the best LinkedIn automation software that provides assistance to avoid getting spam because its algorithm is specially designed to tackle this situation. 

Set Leads Upfront

In order to evaluate how important the person is, it is significant to analyze the leads. Be very careful with who you allow and permit across your network, as you have a limit on how many contacts you can send out invites to. To get the best out of a connection, it is necessary for you to prioritize who needs to be in your network at the moment..

Smart Sequences

Smart Sequences are basically AI-inspired algorithms that screen lead behavior and bypass the LinkedIn connection limit. You create multiple routes to your leads (e.g., LinkedIn messaging, through email,  and InMail), mix these with if/else statements, and then allow the platform to select the most efficient and quickest one.


There are many questions that people have when bypassing any website’s restrictions and rules, and a lot of people have fair concerns because it could lead to permanent consequences, such as getting their account banned. However, the methods we have recommended above are safe – and this section is dedicated to answering and clearing any misconceptions.

Can using LinkedCamp block my account? 

Using LinkedCamp cannot block your account. It monitors your activities and checks the profiles you visit, the connection requests you send, and the messages. 

LinkedCamp also works around the restrictions and limits so that LinkedIn does not detect any suspicious activity and mimics human behavior with time delays between each action, a country-based IP address for each user, which gives your activity legitimacy, and it also has smart daily limits. 

Is LinkedCamp Cloud Based?

LinkedCamp is indeed cloud-based, meaning you do not need to turn your computer on – the tool operates for you in the cloud throughout the day. 

How Do I Send More Open In-mails?

You need to use Sales Navigator. Once you have it, you need a subscription – the premium one. You must also be an open profile member and have a premium subscription to LinkedIn. This allows you to send a lot more open In-mails than you were able to before. 

What Is Sales Navigator?

This is an intelligence platform that allows for virtual selling. It does this by allowing professionals to have a steady clientele at scale. It also has many other features, which come with different subscriptions. 

With the Core subscription, you get 50 InMail messages, 10,000 saved leads and increased lead generation, advanced company search, and custom lists, among a few things. 

The advanced plan lets you access TeamLink and TeamLink Extend, which allows reps to see who has connections with prospects. You also get team collaboration tools such as sharing lists and your searches and track content engagement through Smart Links.

The Advanced Plus plan lets you have CRM integrations, data validations, and ROI reporting, but it is usually meant for big teams with over 10 people, and a single user may not need it.

However, it has a lot of benefits and genuinely helps improve sales, so it is a LinkedIn tool you should look into.

Does LinkedCamp Help with Lead Generation?

LinkedCamp helps you create high-quality campaigns that help you with lead generation, and it is one of the best automation tools. It also enables you to boost your outreach and make it more unique by adding personalized GIFS, graphics, and customized pictures which help you enrich your outreach.

With the Pro subscription, you get a lot of benefits like a dedicated IP, cloud-based access, and email automation, but you also get unlimited campaigns. Each of these can be set to your liking, and you can combine a set of sequences into one completely automated sequence – this greatly helps you make the most out of your interactions and connections, improving your lead generation.

Final Verdict

Concluding it, it is imperative for all businesses and their owners to have a visible LinkedIn presence for brand awareness and to develop credibility. Therefore, to build a solid network with credible connections, LinkedCamp is the best LinkedIn automation tool that can help you up your game. Secondly, if you are worried about bypassing the LinkedIn connection limit, then LinkedCamp offers a solution, as discussed above. 

Give it a try and see for yourself!