About 90% of B2B marketers believe that Personalization helps to build better relationships with clients that last longer.

Personalization has a strong impact, especially in today’s digital landscape. However, most people get it wrong!

How do people approach you on LinkedIn? You get a connection request message, but does it include your name or anything that excites you to connect with them? Probably not.

Most people fail to get a positive response from clients because they use advanced marketing automation software for LinkedIn to send the same boring templates to all prospects.

What is Hyper-Personalization?

Hyper-personalization is running a highly customized campaign to send personalized messages to prospects. It means extracting prospects’ data and sending personalized messages directly to them. They should feel that the message has been written only for them. Such campaigns are more likely to get a 70% response rate.

The question arises: How to send highly personalized messages to thousands of prospects? Being a startup owner or a B2B market, you’d already have so much on your plate. So how to get the best response rate on LinkedIn? The answer is: Get the best marketing automation software for LinkedIn.

Why is Personalization important for LinkedIn Sales Prospecting? 

Gone are the days when marketers used to generate leads using the same sales-y pitches. Nowadays, customers have so many choices and only purchase from trustworthy buyers.

To develop that trust, you need to build strong relationships with them. The latest marketing automation software & tools are used to find prospects relevant to your niche and send highly personalized connect notes to thousands of prospects. Personalized connect requests have an acceptance rate of 70%.

How Can LinkedIn Automation Tool Set Up Highly Personalized Campaigns?

The latest marketing automation software has been designed to run successful personalized campaigns. These tools are used to find, connect, and engage with the right prospects. They collect useful data about prospects that are relevant to your niche. You can use that data to set up highly personalized campaigns.

You must be thinking about how an automation tool can do this. Well, advanced marketing LinkedIn automation software & tools come with features that can send personalized messages to each prospect addressing them based on their name, industry type, job, location, and more.

LinkedIn Automation Tool With CSV File Feature

As a B2B marketer, you must run campaigns to maximize your outreach and generate qualified leads. You need to find the right prospects and send them well-written messages while addressing them directly. Advanced marketing automation software & tools for LinkedIn can do that for you.

Marketing automation software 2022 has features like CSV files that you can extract from the tool. This feature would enable you to send multiple connected messages by merging data fields through the CSV file feature.

When your prospect receives a connect note and sees that you have researched them and know their name, industry type, etc., they are more likely to connect with you. Using the best marketing automation software & tools for LinkedIn that can send customized messages is certainly a good approach rather than sending the same templates to all prospects.

If you are a B2B marketer struggling to improve your response rate, know that traditional methods will not work. You cannot land into someone’s inbox with a sales pitch and get a positive response at once. Use advanced LinkedIn automation tools to get better results.

There are two aspects of Personalization when it comes to LinkedIn sales prospecting.

Identify your target audience.

Advanced marketing automation software and tools have been designed to collect all such data based on the keywords you put. Once you have collected important data, the next step is crucial: providing them with the content they have been looking for.

“Remember: The key to personalization is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.”

When you give people what they have been looking for, the chances of getting leads increase. Nothing irritates your prospects more than sending the same template messages. So, avoid doing that, and you’re halfway there.

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

The second part is running a highly personalized LinkedIn outreach campaign. You can

Make messages more personalized by adding each prospect’s first/last, or middle name. Going one step further, you can mention the industry type they belong to.
This is why you need advanced marketing automation software with CSV file features. Based on your setting, such tools will replace {the first name} of each prospect with their names, industry types, etc.

Prospects feel overwhelmed when they see that you have put effort into contacting them, so they are more likely to accept your requests and respond to your connect note.


Time has changed, and so is the marketing landscape. Today, customers have so many options to buy from, so if you want to survive in this competitive landscape, the best way is to use Personalization.

Advanced marketing automation software features allow you to run hyper-personalization campaigns.

Looking for the best marketing automation software to reap the benefits of personalized campaigns? LinkedCamp is what you need.