Social media marketing changes with time. The only thing that remains constant, though, is keeping the customers engaged which takes a lot of time and effort.

You might be running into resistance by hearing myths from people who think automation is the wrong approach. They often ask questions:  Why should they consider LinkedIn sales automation? Why do they need to integrate automation into the business workflows?

While the truth is that there are certain repetitive tasks that take a lot of time and energy if performed manually. These are typically managed with a bunch of paper files, documents, or a combination of emails and spreadsheets.

However, with the latest LinkedIn sales automation, you can streamline your business processes with less human interference, thereby completing tasks with zero human errors.


LinkedIn automation myths that won’t go away

Even today when LinkedIn sales automation is already taking over various business areas, some people think it’s a bad idea. Either these people have been fed the wrong information or they don’t understand the difference between philosophies and practical applications.

Here are some common myths that you may hear when thinking of integrating LinkedIn sales automation.


Myth No. 1: LinkedIn sales automation is impersonal

LinkedIn sales automation is only impersonal if you make it that way. This common misconception holds true only when:

You don’t personalize connect requests message: If you don’t personalize your connection message request and keep sending the same message, again and again, the chances are that LinkedIn may detect your activity

You don’t respond to the message: After automating your LinkedIn, you may get a lot of messages in your inbox. Neglecting those messages literally means leaving money on the table willingly.

Myth No. 2: LinkedIn sales automation may get your account blocked

Marketing automation tools really reduce your workload and perform tasks more efficiently. However, that doesn’t mean you should be totally mindless. You should be proactively mindful of all the activities like the tool isn’t sending a double message to the same person or sending too many connection requests.

If the tool is sending too many requests that exceed LinkedIn daily limits, LinkedIn may detect your automation activity and restrict or block your account immediately. That’s why you must use LinkedIn sales automation tools with a disciplined approach to gain maximum advantages.

Things organizations must consider before moving to workflow automation

Now, after clearing such thoughts on LinkedIn sales automation, how exactly you should identify if you should give LinkedIn sales automation a shot!

Before you start moving your business to LinkedIn sale automation, you must perform a self-evaluation and do a deep analysis along with your team to answer the following questions:

  • Is your business ready for the latest LinkedIn sales automation?
  • Are your employees ready to move from traditional work methodologies and integrate modern new methodologies into the system?
  • Can your organization deliver the same results after automation?

Before choosing an advanced LinkedIn sales automation tool, make sure that it only automates the repetitive steps of your workflows for better performance. It should be flexible to make any extra charges in the future if required.

Now let’s take a quick look at five ways businesses must take into account before automating their workflows.

  1. Identify repetitive tasks that need to be automated

A deep understanding and analysis of the business processes are essential before making a decision. The best way to do so is to collaborate with your team and ask them what areas are affecting the business performance due to slow work. Ask them, if automated, do they think there will be a positive impact on the business.

Also, consider other factors like how much time and money you will save if your business goes for automation. This will give a clear picture of how much LinkedIn sales automation is beneficial for your business.

  1. Define Your Business Goals:

Your target may be to widen your network as much as possible or complete repetitive tasks more efficiently in less time and less budget. Your goal may be to save your resources and use them for more productive tasks.

You might want your team members to focus less on data entry tasks and more on productive and primary business activities. Tasks like data entry can be performed using the best LinkedIn sales automation software more quickly and efficiently.

  1. Choose the right automation tool

The next step is definitely choosing a way to perform those activities to fulfill your business goals. To arrive at a solution, your next step should be choosing the right LinkedIn sales automation tool.

A good option is to go for a cloud-based solution. More and more organizations are getting cloud based LinkedIn sales automation tools because these are cheaper, and offer more flexibility and benefits to organizations.

. However, this might not be suitable for all types of companies.

So, based on the goals, select a LinkedIn sales automation software that fulfills your business requirements. Make sure the software that you choose should be simple, easy-to-use, easily adaptable, and user-friendly for the users.

  1. Training your employees

Your team must understand how the tool works and how to gain maximum advantages from it. Making your team understand the whole path would help to speed up all the work.

Remember: Untrained team members can do the opposite. They may not use the tools properly and if social media platforms such as LinkedIn detect your automation activity, it may block your account.

  1. Keep an eye on the performance

Once you have taken all the above steps, you are up to running a free LinkedIn sales automation tool successfully.

Take feedback from your employees and ask them if they see any improvement in the work after using the best LinkedIn automation tool.

Also, analyze how much time it takes as compared to manual working and how much money is saved using the latest LinkedIn sales automation.

Monitor all the steps and measure the performance of automated workflows and take decisions accordingly.

Continuous assessment and monitoring of the workflows will help to pinpoint bottlenecks and suggest areas for betterment. Assessment of the workflows is necessary because it helps your team to become more efficient.



All the steps mentioned above will move your business in the right direction and gain new opportunities. Businesses can use social media automation to save time and grow their presence.

If you are getting LinkedIn sales automation tools and software to grow your professional network on this platform, make sure you automate only selective activities. Connecting, engaging, messaging and follow-ups to thousands of people manually is a difficult task. Therefore, marketers and salespeople must consider automating their processes to grow more business opportunities.

Be smart about LinkedIn sales automation, use tools smartly, gain maximum benefits, and avoid getting blocked or restricted. Looking for the best tool for LinkedIn sales automation? Try LinkedCamp now!