LinkedIn is the single largest platform that contains the most accurate and up-to-date information about all types of professionals.  With no restrictions on access to thousands of profiles of business professionals, LinkedIn for sales prospecting is the ideal platform for finding and connecting with potential buyers.

Astute business people are using LinkedIn more and more as a sales prospecting tool to generate new leads and tangible revenue. A survey conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) has shown that 85 percent of the vice-president level and 75 percent of B2B buyers use LinkedIn for business purposes. That’s a lot of potential prospects to connect with.

As the platform is so vast, it can be hard to sift through a dessert of professionals to uncover prospects who are likely to become your potential customers.  That’s exactly why you need some LinkedIn automation tools free and proven sales prospecting tips to generate more leads and revenue.

Try these 6 easy-to-implement tips when using the best LinkedIn automation tools free for better sales prospecting:


1- Build An Attractive Profile

With just a little effort, you can turn your LinkedIn account into a sales prospecting machine.

Before you even think about finding and connecting with prospects, polish your profile, and make it attractive to get attention and desired outcomes. Write a well-crafted headline to impress your prospects. Writing a strong bio, sharing your perspective, and adding the right information to your profile add believability and authenticity to your profile.

You can build a strong profile by adding extensive and useful information about your services and telling the visitors how your services can bring improvements to their businesses. Building a solid profile is useful for businesses that use the best LinkedIn automation tools. If you have a polished profile, prospects are more likely to connect and engage with you.


2- Join Relevant Groups to Engage With the Right Prospects

LinkedIn groups are collections of business owners, sales professionals, job seekers, freelancers, consultants, and other people who have similar interests, skills, likes, and needs. Therefore, joining the relevant groups where you can find people with certain skills and interests can bring great opportunities for you. Additionally, you can also use the latest LinkedIn automation tools free for better engagement.

After joining the relevant LinkedIn groups, you can learn a lot more about the industries that you want to target for sales. Moreover, groups can also:

  1. Deliver insights into what is happening within a particular industry, projects being offered, and other business-related activities.
  2. Help you gain group members’ attention by providing value on a consistent basis. It will generate more prospecting opportunities for you.
  3. Assist in increasing connections by giving a great understanding of an individual’s details.

3-Learn To Use Search Filters More Effectively

There is an intuitive search engine on the top of your profile. You can use this search engine to narrow down your searches using specific search filters.

For instance, if you are searching for “python developer,” you would put that keyword in the search function and then select “People.”

After that, you can target prospects and filter them by:

  • Connections(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Connections of Connections
  • Current Companies
  • Specific Location

At a glance, the LinkedIn advanced search function offers a great opportunity to connect with relevant prospects. If you want to make your searches even more precise, you can also use B2B LinkedIn automation tools for free.
LinkedIn automation tools free provide advanced search filters to help you find prospects in a few minutes.

4- Find A Better Way to Map Out Prospects

LinkedIn is a great source for mapping out the decision-makers. If you check a large multinational company, you will often find a good number of prospects to reach out and connect with in order to make a sale.

Once you have gathered all the relevant information about them, you will be able to map out prospects and they can be connected and influenced to make a sale. So how do you find relevant data about the prospects? One easy way is to use advanced LinkedIn automation tools free as LinkedIn automation tools free find the right prospects and connect with them automatically.


5- Connect & Engage

Contacting and engaging is the bread and butter of LinkedIn. After using a search filter to find relevant people and mapping them out, the next step is to connect with them. Among millions of users, how do find and connect with the right prospects? The best, easy, and cheap way is to invest in the best LinkedIn automation tools for free.

As a business professional and B2B marketer, there is no easier and more trusted way to connect with prospects other than LinkedIn. B2B LinkedIn automation tools are free to connect and engage with prospects, bringing your qualified leads.

By using the best LinkedIn automation tools free, you can engage with more and more prospects, and expand your network. This way, you will create a warm path to earn more referrals and ultimately more sales opportunities.

6- Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools free 2020 are gaining popularity across different business verticals. As there are millions of professionals present on this platform, it can be difficult to find and connect with thousands of prospects manually.

With the top LinkedIn automation tools free, users can set up campaigns, find prospects, and generate leads, all this completely on auto-pilot. There are various LinkedIn automation tools free present in the market such as LinkedCamp that have taken sales prospecting to a whole new level.

Ready to Start Prospecting Via LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the right platform for developing and managing your sales funnel. It is the most useful tool for creating contacts, building relationships, and earning the trust of prospects that will help you to create more sales.

As we have extensively mentioned in the above points, LinkedIn has pretty advanced and useful features when it comes to searching for prospects,  collecting details, and reaching out to the right prospects easily.

So, if you have never used LinkedIn sales prospecting before, dust it off, invest in the best LinkedIn automation tools free, use these techniques, start prospecting, and generate revenue.