Business gets done differently in today’s world – and B2B companies have started to take their own approach to LinkedIn. People want personalized interaction; even if you want to increase LinkedIn engagement rate and choose to automate LinkedIn outreach with the people they buy from, they want to know their sellers, not just their products. Many people expect brands to connect with them now, making the public side of things ever so popular.

Business-to-business works the same way. The wholesalers, retailers, and producers you work with want to see what they are spending their time on and investing in; they want an idea or a person to justify pouring a part of their business into, however small or big.

For those struggling with coming up with an idea like that and who want to improve your LinkedIn B2B strategy, we have some general tips that will help you improve your LinkedIn outreach and sculpt a better LinkedIn experience for yourself.

LinkedIn: The Goal

LinkedIn seems like an incredibly complex and nuanced process – and while it somewhat is, it is also inherently simple, and being corporate-oriented does not set LinkedIn apart. 

The goal of LinkedIn engagement. You want people to interact with you; you want to interact with them – you want to do it repeatedly and probably capture and retain a client base while you are doing it.

That is great! However, LinkedIn gives you a goal & a toolset to work with – your LinkedIn content.

Content That Connects

You want your content to be approachable, engaging, appealing, and something that shows potential for investment. The first thing people are going to think about when they look at your LinkedIn is whether or not they can benefit from you or work with you – you need to put up content that makes them say yes.

This does not just mean straightforward product descriptions and 5 testimonials that have amazing reviews;. However, those are important, but the information is not the only criteria we strive for when we think about content that connects. 

Here’s how you want to go about doing that: 

Video-Based Content

Linkedin gives you an incredible tool in the form of video content – if your video content looks a lot like you just talking, giving out customer reviews, and talking about your demo, then that is not something that helps boost your LinkedIn B2B lead generation or your LinkedIn outreach.

Your product is designed to tackle complex needs and demands and condense them into a simple product that is easy to use and gets the job done – your content needs to have the same approach.

Break your services and product down to their bare bones, but include WHY that is something that takes care of your customer’s demand and emphasizes the emotional human-to-human connection. 

Make video content that is engaging – it is appealing to the eye and each second of viewing feels like it has its right to be there. You want content that catches someone’s mind and makes it stay. 

It might not hurt to look into hiring graphic designers, video editors, or content creators that help with this – taking full advantage of the video content format is not always everyone’s strong suit or skill. Still, it is not something you can afford to NOT take advantage of at the same time.

Use Carousel Posts 

Are videos not your thing? Don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to make engaging content. One popular technique used by marketing agencies is carousel posts – they help you increase your LinkedIn engagement rate by telling short, small stories using a series of cards.

It is a lot like a virtual leaflet! You can make these incredibly attractive, engaging, informative, and charismatic.

 Their most significant benefit is that they take no time for your audience and client to read. If you manage to make the best of the tiny space you get on a card, you have a LinkedIn engagement tool that can spread like wildfire! 

Partner Up

B2B also means working with other brands – you get their audience and their traffic, and they benefit from your audience learning about them. This is an arrangement that works both ways and has INCREDIBLE marketing potential.  

You can pair up with people directly outside your vertical market as well, and influencers are an incredible source of attention and LinkedIn engagement. 

They are also seen as people the audience relates to and are much more receptive to influencers than others – this is important because advertising from a place of trust is much more guaranteed to work. 

Include Industry Events

You want to work with other businesses – so you have to talk about what they are concerned with. That would be industry news – it is relevant to them and decides the problems they will have and the solutions that need to be looked at. 

It also looks at niches in your markets and how different news interacts with that; it gives you problems to solve for your audience, which is essentially a product in the making and a reason for other businesses to work with you. 

You can give them clear benefits, and they want that.

Keep an eye out for internet portals that have a lot to say about the markets you are in – find articles, papers, case studies, surveys, polls, questionnaires – any bit of information is information you want.

Interact With Third Party Content

Do not shy away from this! You want to engage with their content because their audience sees that too, and one less customer for your competitors is one more for you.

It also gives you a chance to show how much you know. Give your expert input on third-party videos and content; let other businesses know that you can speak on these topics and offer contextual solutions that actually help. 

Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the most popular and frequently used ways to get in touch with your audience; they can be as engaging as any great video if you do them right, and to people that prefer to read rather than watch – they are often the best thing.

Make blogs about your business experience, the content your competitors are putting out, popular questions the industry has, events that affect the industry, and what your own personal inputs and opinions are ALONG with all your informative content.


You might think of captions as something to just say to get your post on the way, but they can be much more than that. Captions can be short, decisive, humorous ways to get in touch with other businesses – and some of the biggest businesses today strive to keep their captions relevant to today’s trends and topics to grab more customers.

LinkedIn Live Event

LinkedIn Live Event is a new feature that came along recently, and it lets you stream a live, in real-time video that your viewers can watch as it happens. They can also interact with you in the comments and ask questions, and you can answer them right there and then.

There are incredible benefits to essentially having a real face-to-face conversation from the comfort of your phones; you get to reach out to your entire audience, and once they are in the life, you can work on ways to capture their attention personally.

It is a good idea to interact in these lives for customer retention! 

Don’t Focus On The C-Level

You do not want to focus on day-to-day managers and C-level figures in an organization; these people are busy by default almost all the time and constantly deal with marketing attempts from other parties claiming they can help their business. 

To be honest, it is very hard to break away from that presumption; that is why you target younger execs in an organization and the top brass that are concerned with finding new opportunities for the business and are open to new ideas and have the time to evaluate them too.

What is the LinkedIn LinkedIn engagement Rate? 

The LinkedIn engagement rate is just a percentage on LinkedIn that tells you how many times people liked your content, commented on it, shared it, or clicked on it.

What you need to remember is that this percentage shows LinkedIn engagement for paid campaigns AND organic campaigns – it is essentially a statistic that tells you how well you are doing at all of this. 

FAQ section: 

People have many common questions when it comes to making more interactive content as a B2B company – and other LinkedIn concepts such as your LinkedIn engagement rate. We will go over these concepts and questions and why they are so important in this FAQ section – giving you all the knowledge you need to succeed! 

Does All This Really Help With Lead Generation?

Using carousels, videos, blogs, lives, conversations, and all the different tools you have as a person and a LinkedIn user does help. It is not about one super-problem-solving tool that guarantees leads, but various tools that come together to gradually but consistently help increase your LinkedIn B2B lead generation and help you retain those customers too.

Why Should I Focus On Relatability?

More and more of the world is gearing towards businesses, corporations, personalities, celebrities, and media that consider human factors such as relatability – they want to know the businesses they buy from are people like them too.

When you see things and people similar to you – you are more likely to trust them than unknowns offering you something and telling you it will help you. Banking on human connection is becoming increasingly popular, and people want to know more about what YOU can do for them, not just your product. 

Why Look To LinkedIn For B2B Outreach?

If you are looking for B2B interaction, do not use LinkedIn, and still found your way to this article, you need to add LinkedIn to your arsenal immediately!

700 million+ experts and entrepreneurs, professionals, and all kinds of skilled individuals use it with data you want to be aware of. This looks like places, titles, and experiences- these are regularly updated and reflect the person right now. 

You get to find people that work like you, people in the same industry, and connections you could not have otherwise gotten. LinkedIn is like Facebook for people with a business, so you do not want to miss out on all the networking!

What Are Some Organic Ways To Promote Me?

Great that you asked – some of the best ways to promote your content organically is to regularly share content from your page that applies to the people you want to reach. You also want to use hashtags, and try to do this generally, not just on LinkedIn; they work with algorithms to attract attention. 

Create an environment for feedback and conversation by constantly asking your audience to give their opinions and what they think in the comments or on the polls – give them places to give their opinions and encourage them to do it.

Make LinkedIn groups that are centered around the same topics to get other people who want to speak their minds along with you; this builds community, and you can use many apps such as Discord and Facebook and link them with your LinkedIn to capture more audiences on these apps.

They do not really cost money, but they help a lot!


Getting more LinkedIn engagement for your brand when you are a B2B company can be a bit of a struggle. It can seem like boosting LinkedIn outreach is hopeless, or at least pretty slow.  You have spent a lot of time getting in the minds of customers and working towards LinkedIn engagement for them, but the concept for both of these is similar.

They are people at the end of the day, and people will trust and respond to what they think is like them and can help them – you bring the human element to foster trust and come up with a reason to work together. Hopefully, this article has been informative in helping you get to bump your LinkedIn B2B lead generation! Whatever strategy you go with, take full advantage of LinkedIn.