Third-Party Integrations

You can push data and actions from LinkedCamp to many other apps. Integrate into existing workflows for seamless functioning.


Useful Third-Party Integrations

LinkedCamp provides third-party integrations so you can focus more on core tasks.

Hubspot Integration

LinkedCamp makes sure that the effort you spend acquiring leads pays off. 

It allows users to add leads to their Hubspot CRM individually or automatically. Access each lead’s information and use this data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that close more deals. Best of all, it notifies in HubSpot CRM when a lead is generated so you can ensure timely action and personalized communication.

Zapier Integration (Coming soon)

LinkedCamp keeps on developing and adding new features from time to time. It understands users’ requirements and launches new features. Soon integration with Zapier will be available.

Slack Integration (Coming soon)

Slack is a widely used app in the business community. Based on the user’s requirements, LinkedCamp will allow you to launch campaigns and receive notifications directly from Slack in the near future.