Since it went live in 2003, LinkedIn has become the top platform for professionals. There are more than 830 million prospects, including CEOs, decision-makers, influencers, B2B marketers, and many other professionals. This article will teach us how to use LinkedIn Automation tools to generate leads. However, there are a plethora of questions to consider:

  • What method or technique to use on LinkedIn for lead generation? 
  • Do you prefer quantity or quality?
  • How much money are you investing in finding leads on LinkedIn?
  • Is there any guaranteed way to find and generate ideal leads on LinkedIn?

You’re just fooling yourself if you’re still using old marketing methods such as LinkedIn ads, cold outreach, etc. It costs your bucks and wastes time, money, and other resources. 

So, what’s the solution?

What if I tell you some top lead generation tools to help you automate your lead generation tasks while providing you with high-quality leads quickly? Would you like to use them? 

Of course, you’d, and that’s what most successful B2B marketers are doing now. 

Modern B2B marketers and salespersons are using LinkedIn automation to generate leads on LinkedIn. Why? These tools put LinkedIn outreach and lead generation on autopilot and generate hundreds of qualified leads while you focus on other business activities. 

Why LinkedIn is great for lead generation campaigns

LinkedIn has become the top favourite platform of marketers. That’s because:

  • Executives of the Fortune 500 from all around the world are present on LinkedIn. 
  • More than 60 million CEOs, almost 50 million decision-makers, and 40 million B2B marketers are on this platform.
  • LinkedIn is solely responsible for bringing 80% of the total traffic. 
  • 90% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn for lead generation. 
  • There are prospects belonging to more than 148 industries.

Recent surveys have shown that B2B marketers and business owners spend most of their time on LinkedIn and make most of their buying decisions using this platform. 

This shows LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for B2B lead generation. 


How to use LinkedIn automation tools for a lead generation campaign and get benefits

If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, you’d know how challenging it is to perform certain tasks, such as searching for leads, collecting data about leads, sending connect requests, sending messages, and follow-ups. 

It sounds very easy for a few leads, but if you want to grow your business, you need to perform bulk activities.

But don’t worry! The best LinkedIn automation tools are there to rescue you. These tools have been designed to aid in your routine, repetitive tasks such as finding prospects, sending them to connect requests, messages, and follow-ups, and collecting data about them – completely on autopilot.

Advanced LinkedIn automation is a whole new game of lead generation. 

Just like any other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you’ll need LinkedIn automation tools to run a successful campaign at some point to achieve results. 

Here is how they benefit you:

Saves time & money

This is one of the major benefits of using LinkedIn automation tools. When you do LinkedIn tasks manually, you spend hundreds of hours doing the basic repetitive and non-productive tasks that don’t even need your assistance. 

These tools automate all the repetitive tasks and complete the work in days that would otherwise take weeks or even months. You can use your precious time to perform important business tasks. 

Streamline workflows

With these tools, you can search for people easily, send connection requests and messages, and get lead details directly into your inbox without lifting your finger. How cool is that!

Send personalized messages

If you’re worried about not being personalized, don’t worry because the latest tools have features to run personalized LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. 

Does LinkedIn Automation Cause Spamming on LinkedIn?

While there are so many people taking advantage of LinkedIn automation, there are so many users who believe these tools are spammy. The truth is that LinkedIn automation can be spammy when you work with a low-quality tool or use the wrong approach.

No matter what method or technique you’re using, moderation is the key to everything. Many people fail to run a successful campaign because they think automation can generate leads overnight. 

They send connection requests and messages blindly to every profile that comes into the way without filtration. There needs to be a good approach. Whether using the top LinkedIn automation tools or doing things manually, a rational approach is vital. Going overboard with a tool and overdoing activities can turn an effective marketer into a de facto spammer. 

When you send too many requests in a short time or send sales-y and templated messages to many irrelevant prospects, they flag your account as spam. As a result, LinkedIn takes action, and your account might get restricted or banned. 

So, what exactly is the right strategy to launch a successful LinkedIn campaign that doesn’t cause spam? 

bypass LinkedIn limitation

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting too close to that line:

  1. Don’t start without a solid marketing strategy

Do you know what differentiates genius marketing from spamming? Relevance. When we talk about being relevant, it means sending the right messages to send the right audience at the right time. 

Before you run a campaign, you should know your target audience, your goals, your relevant messages, whether they are reaching the right prospects, etc. 

No doubt that LinkedIn automation tools will work for you, but you have to decide the direction. It would be best to have a well-thought marketing strategy before you even start. 

Know why you are using these tools:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To find prospects
  • To generate leads

You’ll be able to create an effective strategy only when you know your goals. 

  1. Be Genuine and More Personalized

A common reason prospects spam you is that you send them the same old spammy and sales messages. Some people don’t filter their audience and send irrelevant messages to random people. This will bring you no outcomes.


If you want to run a successful campaign, personalization is the key. You need to craft messages that your prospects pay attention to. Address them directly, add information about their interests, or provide information that would improve the recipient’s life. But how to get such deep insights about the prospects? Don’t worry! An advanced LinkedIn automation tool does that for you.

Several tools come with the CSV file feature that automatically fills the variables and addresses people based on their first/last names, job titles, industry type, etc… 

Not just that, they also have personalized features that enable users to send customized images and GIFs along with personalized texts. Personalization has helped SaaS organizations to run successful campaigns and get better leads. Thus, use the automation tools at your disposal in a manner that sync every message according to the interests of the audience. 

Remember: Be very genuine. Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Please don’t talk about yourself. Talk more about them, their problems, and solutions. 

  1. Use the right LinkedIn automation tools

LinkedIn has very high standards when it comes to using automation tools. It has mentioned in its terms and conditions that using any bots or automation tools is prohibited. 

So, if you want to run campaigns on this platform, know there’s a thin line between getting someone’s attention and annoying them. For that, we’d suggest you go for cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools. Why?

They provide dedicated IPs and keep the login details safe every time you log in, and there is no chance LinkedIn could detect your activity. This feature is great for marketers running multiple campaigns and logging in multiple times for different projects and clients. In such a scenario, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools work as a savior. 

 Also, they run from the cloud, so you don’t need to monitor the activities constantly. 

Research the market and use tools that are trustworthy. Don’t go for a tool just because it has a great reputation in the market or your competitors are using it. Select a tool with all the features that will help you run a successful lead-generation campaign. 

  1. Use LinkedIn automation to deliver value

Make sure your LinkedIn automation system is carrying out the tasks of delivering value. The goal is to perform mass activities automatically in such a manner that it brings the best outcomes. Use the filters to list the right contacts and send messages that include interesting information your prospects would find value in. 

Your purpose should be to use LinkedIn automation tools so that your account is less likely to be flagged while bringing you amazing leads simultaneously. A successful marketer uses these tools to speed up the process from brand awareness to the consideration and decision-making phase. 

  1. Use tools to tighten up with your customers

Many marketers often run a campaign and keep going even when they get significant results. They only follow ups and take advantage of a lot of opportunities. Sending follow-ups can win you a lot of opportunities because sometimes leads are just waiting for a follow-up. Several automation tools will help you leverage a follow-up process. Sending follow-ups will ensure strong connections as you go deeper into the lead-generation process. 

Prospects are more likely to respond when someone is constantly putting effort into them. But wait to follow up to the point where they get annoyed. Another great use of the automation tool here is that they send 1 or 2 follow-ups automatically after a certain interval when leads don’t respond. These tools are a godsend for those marketers and businesses with a lot on their plates who need help with time management.

No doubt that it requires some training and good practices to bring balance. However, once you have learned how to use them to your benefit, these tools will bring you a lot of leads and ROI. 

  1. Don’t lose the human touch

This is a great tip if you want to avoid spamming on LinkedIn. The latest LinkedIn automation tools have all the bells and whistles that B2B marketers and salespersons need to run successful lead-generation campaigns. 

They use these tools to search prospects, send connect requests, personalize import data, view segmentation, analyze data, and more. While doing this, sometimes, it gets very tempting to automate all the processes. However, over-enthusiastic with automation tools can jeopardize your LinkedIn account, and you might lose it forever. 

That’s why it’s very important to keep the tools in place and not cross the line while using them. No doubt they automate all the tasks, but monitoring activities from time to time is still important to ensure nothing is beyond the limits. 

Use tools to initiate conversations, and when someone responds, take over the chat and start human-to-human interaction. You can also use the best LinkedIn automation tools with built-in safety limits. With these tools, you can set daily limits for activities, and the tools also perform at regular intervals to mimic human behavior. 

Keep the human touch so LinkedIn doesn’t know if it is you or the tool working behind it. 


Now you can see it all depends on the approach you adopt while running LinkedIn automation campaigns. When wielded with a soft-but-skilled hand, LinkedIn automation can be very rewarding. 

Make sure you keep things genuine and personalized, as this is the key to getting closer to your prospects. Make sure to do things, as LinkedIn will detect immediately, and you’d ruin your campaign. 

Using what you’ve learned here, it’s time you apply all these strategies, and soon leads will start rolling in.